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12019The technological substantiation the energy self-sufficiency of agroecosystems in rural areasGolub, Gennadii; Kukharets, Savelii; Yarosh, Yaroslav; Kukharets, Valentina; Čėsna, JonasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
22010Air Pollutants, Their Integrated Impact on Forest Condition under Changing Climate in LithuaniaAugustaitis, AlgirdasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
32012Integration of Small Hydro Turbines into Existing Water InfrastructuresChoulot, Aline; Denis, Vincent; Punys, PetrasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
42012Mathematical Modeling of the Suspended Sediment Dynamics in the Riverbeds and Valleys of Lithuanian Rivers and Their DeltasVaikasas, Saulius; Rimkus, AlfonsasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
52012Herbicides in Winter Wheat of Early Growth Stages Enhance Crop ProductivityPilipavičius, VytautasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
62012HydropowerJia, Jingsheng; Ma, Jing; Punys, PetrasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
72013Efects of rating curve uncertainties on flood mappingDumbrauskas, Antanas; Martinaitis, ErikasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
82013Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) H.Karst.)Jansson, Gunnar; Grotehusman, Helmut; Kowalczyk, Jan; Krajmerova, Diana; Skrøppa, Tore; Wolf, Heino; Danusevičius, DariusKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
92013Weed Seed Rain Dynamics and Ecological Control Ability in AgrophytocenosisPilipavičius, VytautasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
102014Indicating Soil Quality Using Urease and Saccharase Activity in Abandoned Grassland and Differently Managed Crop FieldsBaležentienė, LigitaKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)