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12016Electrochemical processes during high-voltage electric pulses and their importance in food processing technologySaulis, Gintautas; Rodaitė-Riševičienė, Raminta; Dainauskaitė, Viktorija Skaidrutė; Saulė, Ritabook part
22016Old paradigms of ethnicity and post-Soviet transition in the Baltic statesLiekis, Šarūnasbook part
32016Intergenerational solidarity in transnational space: the case of elderly parents left behind in LithuaniaGedvilaitė-Kordušienė, Margaritabook part
42016LithuaniaBairašauskaitė, Tamara; Račius, Egdūnasbook part
52016Employees’ safety from psychological violence in social enterprises: state subsidies or private initiative?Vveinhardt, Jolitabook part
62016Questioning the social efficiency of computerization in an enlarged Europe: the Lithuanian caseLevišauskaitė, Kristina; Pukelienė, Violeta; Kalendienė, Jonėbook part
72016Policy borrowing and policy learning in the initial VET reforms of Lithuania after 1990Tūtlys, Vidmantas; Kaminskienė, Lina; Winterton, Jonathanbook part
82016Human dignity as a universal moral dimension of the preparation of youth for marriage and family lifeObelenienė, Birutė; Narbekovas, Andriusbook part
92016Recommended qualifications levelsKatsarov, Johannes; Lerkkanen‚ Jukka; Pouyaud‚ Jaques; Pukelis, Kęstutisbook part
102016European competence standardsKatsarov, Johannes; Lerkkanen‚ Jukka; Pouyaud‚ Jaques; Pukelis, Kęstutisbook part