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12016Impact of anthropogenic pressure on the formation of population structure and genetic diversity of raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoidesGriciuvienė, Loreta; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Radzijevskaja, Jana; Žukauskienė, Judita; Pūraitė, Irmaresearch article
22016Issues of Lithuanian civil servants' loyalty in 1918-1940Mikalauskas, Arvydasresearch article
32016Niektóre aspekty radzieckiej polityki narodowościowej na Litwie w latach 1944–1990Miklaševič, Irenaresearch article
43-Jun-2016Can the Local Be Europeanized? A Case of Lithuanian Farmers` Responses to EU Policies and PromisesKarpavičius, Dariusmaster thesis
52016The analysis of factors which have impact for summary innovation index in Germany, Estonia and LithuaniaŠvagždienė, Biruta; Kuklytė, Jūratėresearch article
62016The influence of proximity to city parks and major roads on the development of arterial hypertensionVenclovienė, Jonė; Tamošiūnas, Abdonasconference paper
72016Choral singing in Lithuania and the profession of music teacher: traditions and innovationsAbramauskienė, Jolanta; Kirliauskienė, Rasaresearch article
82016The impact of a course in Turkic cultures on Lithuanian university students’ cultural awareness and intercultural skillsÇelik, Servet; Ismailov, Aleksandr; Çaylak, Nurayjournal article
92016Antanas Smetona – gimtosios kalbos puoselėtojasTijūnėlienė, Onajournal article
102016Management practises and environmental effects of agricultural drainage in LithuaniaPovilaitis, Arvydasresearch article


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