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12017Features of the karyotype of North Caucasus Ayrshire dairy cattle population: defects in reproductive functionsTrukhachev, Vladimir; Oleynik, Sergey; Zlydnev, NikolayStraipsnis / Article
22017Evaluation of chemical content in different energy cropsAdamovics, Aleksandrs; Poiša, LienaStraipsnis / Article
32017Automatic concentrate distribution for fattening of Romanov × Dorper lambsŠenfelde, Līga; Kairiša, DainaStraipsnis / Article
42017The effect of sewage sludge on and cup plant’s (Silphium perfoliatum L.) biomass productivity under Western Lithuania’s retisolŠiaudinis, Gintaras; Karčauskienė, DanutėStraipsnis / Article
52017Biomass ash utilization opportunities in agricultureKarps, Oskars; Aboltins, Aivars; Palabinskis, JanisStraipsnis / Article
62017Contribution of agricultural sources to nutrient load generated on the Russian part of the Baltic Sea catchment areaBriukhanov, Aleksandr; Kondratyev, Sergey; Tarbaeva, Veronica; Vorobyeva, Ekaterina; Oblomkova, NataliaStraipsnis / Article
72017Effects of contents and component composition of ash and organic constituents on fuel characteristics of softwood and wheat straw hydrolytic processing residuesAndersone, Anna; Arshanitsa, Alexander; Jashina, Lilija; Lauberts, Māris; Dizhbite, Tatiana; Telysheva, GalinaStraipsnis / Article
82017Development of the approaches for complex utilization of brown algae (Fucus vesiculosus) biomass for the obtaining of value-added productsBikovens, Oskars; Ponomarenko, Jevgenija; Janceva, Sarmite; Lauberts, Maris; Vevere, Laima; Telysheva, GalinaStraipsnis / Article
92017Role of renewable energy sector in specific European Union states, with particular focus on PolandBiczkowski, Mirosław; Jezierska-Thole, Aleksandra; Dubownik, AnnaStraipsnis / Article
102017Drip irrigation as a factor mitigating drought impact in corn cultivation in central PolandŻarski, Jacek; Dudek, Stanisław; Kuśmierek-Tomaszewska, RenataStraipsnis / Article