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12014Mobingas kaip santykių disfunkcija švietimo institucijose : socioekologinis požiūris į šeimą, mokyklą, darbąVveinhardt, Jolitaresearch article
22015Impact of the work related stress and job burnout in private educational institutions and universitiesAhmed, Rizwan Raheem; Meenai, Yaseen Ahmed; Vveinhardt, Jolita; Jalees, Tariqresearch article
32015Impact of social context on strategic philanthropy : theoretical insightVveinhardt, Jolita; Zygmantaitė, Rasaresearch article
42015An empirical analysis of causal relationship between stock prices and real sector of the Pakistani economyAhmed, Rizwan Raheem; Vveinhardt, Jolita; Meenai, Yaseen Ahmedresearch article
52015Transformation of a learning organization into a smart organization : expansion of human resource by intellectual capitalVveinhardt, Jolita; Minkutė-Henrickson, Raimondaresearch article
62012Asmeninių ir organizacinių vertybių kongruencija : percepcijos aspektaiVveinhardt, Jolita; Gulbovaitė, Evelinaresearch article
72020The impact of emotional intelligence and intercultural competence on work productivity of volunteers in respect to age and length in volunteeringVinickytė, Ingrida; Bendaravičienė, Rita; Vveinhardt, Jolitaresearch article
82017Forms of destructive relationships among the employees: how many are there and what is the extent of the spread?Vveinhardt, Jolita; Kuklytė, Jūratėresearch article
92015Economic policy incentives encouraging agricultural production: a comparative analysis of Lithuanian rural development programme for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020Stonkutė, Eglė; Vveinhardt, Jolitaresearch article
1023-May-2017Vadybiniai sprendimai socialinio dykinėjimo mažinimui organizacijų grupinėse veikloseBanikonytė, Justinamaster thesis