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12016Bullying and single cases of harassment in higher education organizations: managerial solutions to eliminate the problemVveinhardt, JolitaKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
22014Development of financial system in the BalticsŽigienė, Gerda; Darškuvienė, Valdonė; Gaigalienė, AstaKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
32016Employees’ safety from psychological violence in social enterprises: state subsidies or private initiative?Vveinhardt, JolitaKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
42015National strategies of smart development: turning constraints into growth opportunitiesMaital, Shlomo; Jucevičius, GiedriusKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
52015Emergence of trust in inter-organisational relations: overcoming dilemmas in trust developmentJucevičienė, Rita; Jucevičius, GiedriusKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
62016Determination of factors affecting petrol station brand choice in LithuaniaPilelienė, Lina; Bakanauskas, Arvydas PetrasKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
72017Cultural dilemmas and paradoxes in dynamic organizational environments / Giedrius Jucevicius, Rita JucevicieneJucevičius, Giedrius; Jucevičienė, RitaKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
82016Questioning the social efficiency of computerization in an enlarged Europe: the Lithuanian caseLevišauskaitė, Kristina; Pukelienė, Violeta; Kalendienė, JonėKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
92017A cultural perspective on the emergence of organizational trust / Rita Juceviciene, Giedrius JuceviciusJucevičienė, Rita; Jucevičius, GiedriusKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)
102012VerslasKiršienė, Julija; Ščerbina-Dalibagienė, SiuzanaKnygos dalis / Part of book (Y)