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12012Possibilities of developing students' intrinsic motivation in blended learning of EnglishDaugėlaitė, Vytautė; Jankauskaitė, Aušra; Sabaliauskienė, Vaidaresearch article
22011Developing students` motivation in blended learning of EnglishJankauskaitė, Aušra; Daugėlaitė, Vytautė; Sabaliauskienė, Vaidaconference paper
32011Daugiakalbystė ir kalbų studijos aukštajame moksle [elektroninis išteklius] : tarptautinė mokslinė konferencija = Multilingualism and language studies in higher education : international scientific conferencebook
42014Analysis of strategic choices in Lithuanian translations of "National Geographic" headlinesDaugėlaitė, Vytautė; Jankauskaitė, Aušraresearch article
52011On the contrastive aspects of the english language compared to Lithuanian : analysis of culture-specific food itemsJankauskaitė, Aušra; Daugėlaitė, Vytautėresearch article
62018Ser profesor de ele de una escuela secundaria en Lituania: oportunidades y retos del docente en el siglo 21Savickienė, Inga; Raščiauskaitė, Laura; Jankauskaitė, Aušra; Alešiūnaitė, Loretaresearch article
72010Video dialogues in practiceJankauskaitė, Aušra; Matulionienė, Jūratėresearch article
82018Study of spanish language learner needs in Lithuanian general education schoolSavickienė, Inga; Jankauskaitė, Aušra; Raščiauskaitė, Lauraconference paper
92019Application of preservation and transformation translation strategies in Lithuanian translations of headlines in national geographic articlesJankauskaitė, Aušra; Vitkauskienė, Vytautėconference paper
102016Application of addition and omission translation strategies in Lithuanian translation of subheadings and captions in National GeographicDaugėlaitė, Vytautė; Jankauskaitė, Aušraresearch article
1128-May-2013Lietuvos prieglobsčio politikos europeizacijaJankauskaitė, Aušramaster thesis
122010Research on the use of video dialogues in English language teachingJankauskaitė, Aušra; Matulionienė, Jūratėconference paper
132013Use of translation strategies in Lithuanian translation of National Geographic : analysis of the effect on target readers' understanding of translated textDaugėlaitė, Vytautė; Jankauskaitė, Aušraresearch article
142020Preservation and transformation translation strategies in Lithuanian translations of headlines in National Geographic articlesVitkauskienė, Vytautė; Jankauskaitė, Aušraresearch article


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