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12020Higher education for digital and network societyVolungevičienė, Airina; Teresevičienė, Margarita; Duart, Josep Maria; Trepulė, Elena; Naujokaitienė, Justina; Daukšienė, Estela; Tamoliūnė, Giedrė; Šadauskas, Marius; Pranckutė, Danutė; Vaitonytė, Gintarėbook
22019Learning analytics: learning to think and make decisionsVolungevičienė, Airina; Duart, Josep Maria; Naujokaitienė, Justina; Tamoliūnė, Giedrė; Misiulienė, Ritaresearch article
32019Disclosing learners’ behaviour and engagement into online and blended courses: case study of Vytautas Magnus UniversityTamoliūnė, Giedrė; Teresevičienė, Margarita; Duart, Josep M; Naujokaitienė, Justinaresearch article
42018Characteristics of digital and network society: emerging places and spaces of learningTeresevičienė, Margarita; Tamoliūnė, Giedrė; Naujokaitienė, Justina; Pranckutė, Danutė; Ehlers, Ulf-Danielconference paper
52018Enhancing teacher decisions through learning analyticsVolungevičienė, Airina; Duart, Josep M; Tamoliūnė, Giedrė; Naujokaitienė, Justinaconference paper
62020Using learning analytics to engage students: Improving teaching practices through informed interactionsNaujokaitienė, Justina; Tamoliūnė, Giedrė; Volungevičienė, Airina; Duart, Josep Mresearch article