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12013Aktualios ugdymo problemos akademinio jaunimo tyrimuose : straipsnių rinkinysTandzegolskienė, Ilona (sudarytoja); Rutkienė, Aušra (sudarytoja)Knyga / Book
22010Public relations as management function at universitiesPure, IngaStraipsnis / Article
32012Neojaponism and pop culture New Japanese exoticism in FranceClothilde, SabreStraipsnis / Article
42013The transforming aims of Japan’s post-Cold War cultural diplomacyZykas, AurelijusStraipsnis / Article
52013Meta-narratives of Japanese popular culture and of Japan in different regional contexts: perspectives from East Asia, Western Europe, and the Middle EastOtmazgin, NissimStraipsnis / Article
62014Book review: Jha, Krishna and Jha, Dhirendra K. 2012. Ayodhya: the dark night. The secret history of Rama’s appearance in Babri Masjid. New Delhi: Harper Collins.Paunksnis, ŠarūnasStraipsnis / Article
72014In the wake of TICAD V: Japan-Africa relations todayTarrósy, IstvánStraipsnis / Article
82015Caste politics and state integration: a case study of Mysore StateAsha, S.; Ramaswamy, MaheshStraipsnis / Article
92010How human rights process is and could be studied. Lithuanian caseJasiulevičienė, ReginaStraipsnis / Article
102012Ambivalent images of Japanese businessmen in American films : from a majority of one (1961) to lost in translation (2005)Yoshik, IkedaStraipsnis / Article
112012Images of Japan and its people in Australian mediaAdam, WindsorStraipsnis / Article
122013Discussing soft power theory after Nye: the case of Geun Lee‘S theoretical approachVasilevskytė, SimonaStraipsnis / Article
132013Construction of gender images in Japanese pornographic animeBarancovaitė-Skindaravičienė, KristinaStraipsnis / Article
142014Historiography of Zainichi Koreans: review of topics and trendsKumpis, ArvydasStraipsnis / Article
152014The rates and effects of urban sprawl in developing countries: the case of Addis Ababa, EthiopiaKassa, FekaduStraipsnis / Article
162015On the road!? developing economy and nonprofit organizations in TaiwanKákai, LászlóStraipsnis / Article
172010The Russian population in Tallinn, recent evolutions and the building of the bicultural cityDautancourt, VincentStraipsnis / Article
182010Post modern forms of citizenship in LithuaniaImbrasaitė, JūratėStraipsnis / Article
192010The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth: a new look on a peculiar type of federalismRodrigues, DanielStraipsnis / Article
202012Images of Japan seen through the changing reception of Japanese fashion in FranceKyoko, KomaStraipsnis / Article
212012The visual representation of Japan in the WestSepp, LinhartStraipsnis / Article
222013Takarazuka’s performances in European countries after World War IIKitamura, TakashiStraipsnis / Article
232013Kawaii as represented by wearers in France using the example of Lolita fashionKoma, KyokoStraipsnis / Article
242013The post-80s generation in Beijing: collective memory and generational identityConstantin, Sandra ValérieStraipsnis / Article
252014Latin America through the literary looking-glass, and what Bolaño found thereStramskas, ArnoldasStraipsnis / Article
262015The major roles of long distance bus transport in developing countries with emphasis on Addis Ababa, EthiopiaKassa, FekaduStraipsnis / Article
272015Abuse and violence against foreign domestic workers. A case from Hong KongAhsan Ullah, AkmStraipsnis / Article
282010Nature, movement, liminality: representing the space of the nation in 1960’s Estonian cinemaNäripea, EvaStraipsnis / Article
292012‘Western’ public opinion on Japan and its recent developmentZykas, AurelijusStraipsnis / Article
302013Japanese popular culture in Latvia: Lolita and Mori fashionHaijima, AgneseStraipsnis / Article
312013New images of Japan in France: a survey to Japan expoSabre, ClothildeStraipsnis / Article
322014Nationalistic, religious and civil components of identity in post-soviet GeorgiaChelidze, AnaStraipsnis / Article
332015Representations of Zainichi Koreans in Japanese media: the case of the Japan times 2000–2014Kumpis, ArvydasStraipsnis / Article
342015Transformative adult learning in new social movement – a case study from South AfricaČubajevaitė, MartaStraipsnis / Article
352015Contemporary Afghanistan outlook: between counterinsurgency and search of the social contract; Bivainis, AndriusStraipsnis / Article
362016„Kritiški piliečiai“? Posovietinės jaunimo kartos požiūris į demokratiją, politiką ir sovietinę praeitįTuzaitė, EglėStraipsnis / Article
372017Without losing my religion: the dilemmas of EU integration in PolandGuerra, SimonaStraipsnis / Article
38-Catholicism in Central and Eastern Europe after Vatican II: assessing the legacy of John Paul IILynch, Andrew P.Straipsnis / Article
392018Bibliotekų veiklos ir bendruomenės narių gyvenimo kokybės sąsajos: nepriklausomas Lietuvos apskričių viešųjų bibliotekų tyrimasPečeliūnaitė, AngelėStraipsnis / Article
402017Legal personality, minority religions and religious accommodation in Eastern EuropeMcFaul, HughStraipsnis / Article