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12006The influence of global english on modern Latvian as evidenced by the study of Latvian as a foreign languageBrēde, MaijaStraipsnis / Article
22006Russian-Estonian conversational code-switching in student interviewsZabrodskaja, AnastassiaStraipsnis / Article
32006Finding ways to manage multi-ethnicity in the regions of PolandMoskal, MartaStraipsnis / Article
42006Metadiscursive questions as a parental strategy of communicating with childrenBalčiūnienė, IngridaStraipsnis / Article
52006Content and language-integrated learningZielonka, BronislawaStraipsnis / Article
62006The impact of Language and culture on SąjūdisBulota, RytisStraipsnis / Article
72006Principles, rules, and European identity: regional or minority language in EU lawSimo, MäättäStraipsnis / Article
82006Language Vs ethnicity Vs nationalism in the European UnionPrazauskas, AlgimantasStraipsnis / Article
92006Criticism mitigating devices in English and Lithuanian academic reviewsMarcinkevičienė, RūtaStraipsnis / Article
102006Rethinking the European language policies: from linguistic colonisation to linguistic federalismOrlandi, LapoStraipsnis / Article
112006The role of NGOs in rural Communities in LithuaniaImbrasaitė, JūratėStraipsnis / Article
122006Nationalism and the language of the propaganda of Lithuanian tautininkaiBernaras, IvanovasStraipsnis / Article
132006Do as You would be done byHlavňová, AnnaStraipsnis / Article
142006Cultural context and the social roles of human rights discourse participants in LithuaniaJasiulevičienė, ReginaStraipsnis / Article
152006The delayed transition: multicultural reforms and the education of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria after 1989Iliycheva, MariaStraipsnis / Article
162006Identity analysis based on the methodology of corpus linguisticsKamandulytė, LauraStraipsnis / Article
172006Language, diversity and integration in the enlarged European Union: challenges and opportunities from East to WestHogan-Brun, GabrielleStraipsnis / Article
182006The perspectives of multilingualism in EuropeSavickienė, Ineta; Čubajevaitė, LauraStraipsnis / Article
192006Lithuanian shop signs: national or international?Ruzaitė, JūratėStraipsnis / Article
202006The language of instruction at primary school, ethnic involvement and national identity: the Estonian exampleSoll, MaieStraipsnis / Article
212006Values and connotations of democracy in Lithuania: ordinary citizens Vs. Local elitesRauleckas, Rimantas; Matonytė, IrminaStraipsnis / Article
222006Diversity – a linguist’s view of thingsStolz, Thomas; Urdze, AinaStraipsnis / Article
232006Internet and virtual community: culturally motivated specific morphological processes in neologismsRumšienė, GodaStraipsnis / Article
242006Fall and rise of Catalan in Northern CataloniaBalaguer, ClaudiStraipsnis / Article


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