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12010Stereotypes and foreign words: the term Kawaii in French national newspapers (1999-2009)Koma, KyokoStraipsnis / Article
22010The cognitive functions of «distanciation»: the Image of Japan in the works of Endō ShūsakuKasza, Justyna WeronikaStraipsnis / Article
32010Saluveer imaginary Japanese film: a creation of western technoorientalism, Japanese soft nationalism and narcissismSaluveer, Sten-KristianStraipsnis / Article
42010Amelie Nothomb’s novel, Fear and Trembling: revealing the japanese ethnotype through fictionHonoré, Jean-PaulStraipsnis / Article
52010Dual images of “An ideal Japanese woman” in a critical historical period – through an analysis of “A Daughter of the SamuraiKugishima, HirokoStraipsnis / Article
62010The idea of country’s umbrella image and the case of Japanese cultural diplomacyZykas, AurelijusStraipsnis / Article
72010Representations of modern Japan in the missions catholiquesYamanashi, AtsushiStraipsnis / Article
82010The Image of nature in contemporary urbanized Japanese society with focus on eco-tourism as one of the possible spheres of exchange between Japan and the Baltic StatesHaijima, AgneseStraipsnis / Article
92010Myths and binaries in discourses on Japanese photographyBohr, MarcoStraipsnis / Article
102010The Japanese ceramic. Images of Japan and the French universal exhibitions of the second half of 19th centuryAkutsu, MarikoStraipsnis / Article
112012Neojaponism and pop culture New Japanese exoticism in FranceClothilde, SabreStraipsnis / Article
122013The transforming aims of Japan’s post-Cold War cultural diplomacyZykas, AurelijusStraipsnis / Article
132013Meta-narratives of Japanese popular culture and of Japan in different regional contexts: perspectives from East Asia, Western Europe, and the Middle EastOtmazgin, NissimStraipsnis / Article
142012Ambivalent images of Japanese businessmen in American films : from a majority of one (1961) to lost in translation (2005)Yoshik, IkedaStraipsnis / Article
152012Images of Japan and its people in Australian mediaAdam, WindsorStraipsnis / Article
162013Discussing soft power theory after Nye: the case of Geun Lee‘S theoretical approachVasilevskytė, SimonaStraipsnis / Article
172013Construction of gender images in Japanese pornographic animeBarancovaitė-Skindaravičienė, KristinaStraipsnis / Article
182012Images of Japan seen through the changing reception of Japanese fashion in FranceKyoko, KomaStraipsnis / Article
192012The visual representation of Japan in the WestSepp, LinhartStraipsnis / Article
202013Takarazuka’s performances in European countries after World War IIKitamura, TakashiStraipsnis / Article
212013Kawaii as represented by wearers in France using the example of Lolita fashionKoma, KyokoStraipsnis / Article
222012‘Western’ public opinion on Japan and its recent developmentZykas, AurelijusStraipsnis / Article
232013Japanese popular culture in Latvia: Lolita and Mori fashionHaijima, AgneseStraipsnis / Article
242013New images of Japan in France: a survey to Japan expoSabre, ClothildeStraipsnis / Article


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