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11998Reconciling Past and Present in Lithuania : the Future of radical Lithuanian DemocracyDonskis, Leonidasresearch article
22004PrefaceDonskis, Leonidasjournal article
32006Another Word for Uncertainty : Anti-Semitism in Modern LithuaniaDonskis, Leonidasresearch article
41992XX sajandi lõpu Leedu : Avatud ühiskonna ja kultuuri loomineDonskis, Leonidasresearch article
51999Between identity and freedom: mapping nationalism in twentieth-century LithuaniaDonskis, Leonidasresearch article
62010Balsas prieš modernią demonologiją : brėžiant Tomo Venclovos Lietuvos antisemitizmo kritikos žemėlapįDonskis, Leonidasresearch article
72008PratarmėDonskis, Leonidasjournal article
82008PrefaceDonskis, Leonidasjournal article
92008Litauens Identität auf der SpurDonskis, Leonidasresearch article