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12016Influence of the content of search advertisement on advertisement effectiveness: expectations of enterprises versus customers' needsPažėraitė, Aušra; Gedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
22016Turinio marketingo paveikumo vertinimo galimybės naudojant Google Analytics įrankįGedvilaitė, Rūta; Pažėraitė, Aušraresearch article
32016Content marketing decision application for rural tourism development: case study of ʻĮlankos sodybaʼPažėraitė, Aušra; Gedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
42015Content marketing elements influence on search advertisement effectiveness: theoretical background and practical insightsPažėraitė, Aušra; Gedvilaitė, Rūtaconference paper
52016Turinio marketingo poveikio vertinimasGedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
62016RES utilisation development in Lithuanian rural placesPažėraitė, Aušra; Gedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
72019Content marketing decisions for customers’ desired value in the tourism sectorRepovienė, Rūta; Pažėraitė, Aušraresearch article
82018Content marketing decisions for the customer value creation in social networks: ‘Ilzenberg manor’ caseGedvilaitė, Rūta; Pažėraitė, Aušraresearch article
92016Content marketing elements and their influence on search advertisement effectiveness: theoretical background and practical insightsPažėraitė, Aušra; Gedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
102018Content marketing decisions for effective internal communicationPažėraitė, Aušra; Gedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
112017Turinio marketingo taikymas paieškos sistemose esančiose reklamose: Google AdWords atvejisGedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
122017Turinio marketingo taikymas socialiniuose tinkluoseGedvilaitė, Rūtaresearch article
1325-May-2015Turinio marketingo elementų įtaka paieškos sistemose esančių reklamų paveikumui: Google AdWords taikymo laisvalaikio paslaugoms atvejisRepovienė, Rūtamaster thesis
142017Content marketing elements for search advertisingRepovienė, Rūtaresearch article
152016Assessment of content marketing effect on consumer behaviorPažėraitė, Aušra; Repovienė, Rūtaresearch article
162017Role of content marketing in a value creation for customer context: theoretical analysisRepovienė, Rūtaresearch article
172017Influence of content marketing elements for search advertisement effectiveness in a leisure services sectorRepovienė, Rūtaresearch article


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