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12016Impact of pulsed electric field treatment on juice yield and recovery of bioactive compounds from raspberries and their by-productsLamanauskas, Nerijus; Pataro, Gianpiero; Bobinas, Česlovas; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Viškelis, Pranas; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Ferrari, Giovannaresearch article
22015Pulsed electric field (PEF) impact on Actinidia kolomikta drying efficiencyLamanauskas, Nerijus; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Viškelis, Pranasresearch article
32017Improving the extraction of juice and anthocyanins from blueberry fruits and their by-products by application of pulsed electric fieldsPataro, Gianpiero; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Bobinas, Česlovas; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Raudonis, Raimondas; Visockis, Mindaugas; Ferrari, Giovanna; Viškelis, Pranasresearch article
42017Chemical constituents and antioxidant activity of Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) juice and pomaceUrbanavičiūtė, Ieva; Urbonavičienė, Dalia; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Viškelis, Pranasconference paper
52016The influence of the self – learning mathematically control algorithm on the PEF modulator output characteristicsVisockis, Mindaugas; Viškelis, Pranas; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Barakauskas, Justinas; Markevičius, Vytautas; Šatkauskas, Sauliusconference paper
62018Potential uses of quince (Chaenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach) by-products after industrial processingUrbanavičiūtė, Ieva; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Seglina, Dalija; Viškelis, Pranasconference paper
72015Application of pulsed electric field in the production of juice and extraction of bioactive compounds from blueberry fruits and their by-productsBobinaitė, Ramunė; Pataro, Gianpiero; Lamanauskas, Nerijus; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Viškelis, Pranas; Ferrari, Giovannaresearch article
82014Pulsed electric field assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from blueberriesBobinaitė, Ramunė; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Lamanauskas, Nerijus; Viškelis, Pranas; Pataro, Gianpiero; Ferrari, Giovannaconference paper
92015Pulsed electric field-assisted juice extraction of frozen/thawed blueberriesLamanauskas, Nerijus; Bobinaitė, Ramunė; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Viškelis, Pranas; Pataro, Gianpiero; Ferrari, Giovannaresearch article