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12016Legal aid for intervenors in proceedings before the European Court of Human RightsGruodytė, Edita; Kirchner, Stefanresearch article
22011Sanctions for attorney misconduct in relation to a client under Lithuanian and German lawGruodytė, Edita; Kirchner, Stefanresearch article
32012Pro bono work vs. legal aid : approaches to ensuring access to justice and the social responsibility of the attorneyGruodytė, Edita; Kirchner, Stefanresearch article
42016Multiple risks and limited law: compensation for oil spills in the context of long-term damages to Arctic coastal communitiesKirchner, Stefanresearch article
52012The pre-natal personal scope of article 2 section 1 sentence 1 of the European convention on human rights : doctoral dissertation : social sciences, law (01 S) = Europos žmogaus teisių konvencijos 2 straipsnio 1 dalies 1 sakinio taikymas prenatalinėje stadijoje : daktaro disertacija : socialiniai mokslai, teisė (01 S)Kirchner, Stefandoctoral thesis
66-Jun-2014Is the mere determination to change or deviate from the planned route of a commercial vessel equivalent to the actual change of or deviation from the planned route as far as the validity of the voyage insurance policy as a specific form of marine insurance is concerned?Petkus, Vytautasmaster thesis
72014Private prayer in public schools : the judgment of the German federal administrative court of 30 November 2011Heinig, Hans Michael; Kirchner, Stefanresearch article
810-Jun-2011Whether international law allows preemptive use of military force?Miliauskas, Vaidasmaster thesis
92014Neighbor protection in German administrative and Administrative Procedure Law : construction permits in the Outer AreaKirchner, Stefanresearch article
102015Crimea’s declaration of independence and the subsequent annexation by Russia under international lawKirchner, Stefanresearch article
112014Gruppenmitgliedschaft, Dissens und Diskriminierung im Spannungsverhältnis zwischen individueller und kollektiver Freiheit aus Sicht der EMRKKirchner, Stefanresearch article
122014The concepts of “wrongful life” and “wrongful birth” in the case law of Germany’s Federal Courts 1980-2000 - a comparative biolaw perspectiveKirchner, Stefan; Šimkutė, Lauraresearch article
132013Personhood and the Right to Life Under the European Convention of Human Rights : current and future challenges of modern (bio-)technologyKirchner, Stefanresearch article
142013Особи, на яких поширюється дія права на життя відповідно до статті 2 (1) Конвенції про захист прав людини і основоположних свобод після рішення Європейського суду з прав людини у справі A, B and C v. IrelandKirchner, Stefanresearch article
152018Free speech and journalism: a human rights perspectiveKirchner, Stefanresearch article
162018Investigative standards and human rights after Kraulaidis v. LithuaniaKirchner, Stefanresearch article
172019Human rights and fishing: a multidimensional challengeKirchner, Stefanresearch article
182020The European Union and the law of the seaKirchner, Stefanresearch article
192013Human rights and the marine environmentKirchner, Stefan; Stepien, Adamresearch article
206-Jun-2014Whether the european convention on human rights allows the right to vote of convicted prisoners to be restricted?Satkauskas, Mantasmaster thesis
212018Brussels and Klaipeda: the impact of the EU on National maritime lawKirchner, Stefanresearch article
222018Dumping and oil pollution: regulatory approaches for vessel operations in an ice-free Central Arctic OceanKirchner, Stefan; Kleemola-Juntunen, Pirjoresearch article
232016Teisininkų etika [elektroninis išteklius] : nuo status quo pavyzdinio modelio link : kolektyvinė monografijaGruodytė, Edita; Berkmanas, Tomas; Kiršienė, Julija; Kirchner, Stefan; Gervienė, Silvija; Szymanski, Charles F; Žižienė, Simona; Veršinskas, Tomas; Malinauskas, Vygantasbook
242014The Contribution of the European Charter of human rights to the right to legal aidGruodytė, Edita; Kirchner, Stefanbook part
2510-Jun-2011Whether the international law rules regulating the use of force establish a legal basis for unilateral humanitarian intervention to occur?Morkytė, Dovilėmaster thesis
262013Natural law as biolawKirchner, Stefanresearch article
272020Cross-border forms of animal use by indigenous peoplesKirchner, Stefanresearch article
282013Biomedicine, biotechnology and the European Convention on Human Rights : life before birthKirchner, Stefanresearch article
292013Das neue SeeversicherungsnachweisgesetzHoffmann, Jan Martin; Tüngler, Grit; Kirchner, Stefanresearch article
306-Jun-2014Whether Lithuania violates the mother’s right to private life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights by not ensuring the ability to receive medical care when giving birth at home?Šimkutė, Lauramaster thesis
312013Democratization of justice – the selection of judges as a problem of legal ethics and the separation of powersKirchner, Stefanresearch article
322013Legal responses to the impact of climate change on indigenous peoples in the Arctic : why Arctic shipping is a Human rights concernKirchner, Stefanresearch article
332020End-of-life decisions amid the Covid-19 pandemic as a practical problem of criminal law theoryKirchner, Stefanresearch article
342020Reservations and the European Convention on Human RightsKirchner, Stefanresearch article
352020COVID-19 und verfassungs- und völkerrechtliche Grenzen der SchulbesuchspflichtKirchner, Stefanresearch article
362020COVID-19 und die SchulbesuchspflichtKirchner, Stefanresearch article
372020Der lange Weg nach Karlsruhe - und eine Abkürzung: Verfassungsprozessuale Überlegungen angesichts der Gefahr einer Infektion mit SARS-CoV-2 im SchulunterrichtKirchner, Stefanresearch article
382020The impact of large-scale satellite constellations on earth-based astronomy as a problem of international lawKirchner, Stefanresearch article
392013Europarechtliche Unfallhaftung und Versicherungspflicht der Anbieter von SeereisenHoffmann, Jan Martin; Tüngler, Grit; Kirchner, Stefanresearch article


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