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118-Jun-2020The rights of States on the Moon and other celestial bodiesZakas, Ilmarasbachelor thesis
219-Jun-2020Whether the actions by foreign countries in Syrian civil war violates public international law?Mikolaitis, Deivydasmaster thesis
37-Jun-2018Whether there is a right to remedial secession under international law?Levinskas, Rokasmaster thesis
47-Jun-2018Whether international treaty bodies have struck a proper balance between the freedom from incitement to racial discrimination specified in article 4 of International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination and the freedom of expression specified in article 10 of European Convention on Human rights?Kvetkauskas, Robertasmaster thesis
51-Jun-2017Does humanitarian intervention violate sovereignty of the state?Nacevičiūtė, Eitvydėmaster thesis
619-Jun-2020Whether Russia's actions in Crimea, leading up to and including its annexation, violated international law?Bittins, Viktorijamaster thesis
77-Jun-2018Whether a right to repair should exist in any jurisdiction?Kulaitis, Linasmaster thesis
819-Jun-2020Whether neutrality principle are breach when mediator tries to solve power imbalance between the parties?Žižys, Lukasmaster thesis
95-Jun-2014Whether International Law Regulates the Status of the State and its People That Have Lost Their Territory as a Result of Climate Changes?Januškaitė, Monikamaster thesis
1010-Jan-2020Whether new democracies and emerging economies can implement adr effectively in domestic judicial systems and use international experience as guidelines?Londaridze, Giorgimaster thesis
114-Jun-2015Deprivatisation of financial institutions from the perspective of property rights in a stress scenarioKyguolis, Mindaugasmaster thesis
1210-Jun-2011Does the implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court relinquish part of the state sovereignty. A Case Study Of 2 Nations: Lithuania and USAKatiliūtė, Audronėmaster thesis
133-Jun-2016Reservations to Treaties on International Human RightsNapeklys, Vėjusmaster thesis
143-Jun-2016Whether a State Can Assert Its Sovereignty Using Maritime Features Under International Law?Bumbliauskis, Valdasmaster thesis
155-Jun-2019Does the migration policy of eu members violate international migration and human rignts law regarding migrants?Skrypka, Alinamaster thesis
1611-Jan-2021Whether Sharia law is an obstacle to the development of commercial arbitration in the countries of the gulf cooperation council?Azzam, Ahmad Abdallah Fayizmaster thesis
175-Jun-2019Whether the public policy exception to the enforcement of arbitration awards should be standardized in international arbitration?Anužas, Tadasmaster thesis
1819-Jun-2020Whether the International Criminal Court is Exercising Its Authority in a Discriminatory Way Against Less Developed Countries?Naujokaitytė, Justinamaster thesis
1910-Jun-2021Is the right to vote at risk during a global pandemic?Simanaitytė, Vakarėmaster thesis
202009The globalization of disability rights law - from the Americans with Disabilities act to the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilitiesSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
212005The development of labor arbitration in the United StatesSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
222003VII and non-employee harassmentSchlinker, John C; Szymanski, Charles Fjournal article
232005Proces rozwoju arbitrażu w prawie pracy w Stanach ZjednoczonychSzymanski, Charlesresearch article
241995Michigan's whistle-blowers protection act : a practitioner's guideSchlinker, John C; Szymanski, Charles Fresearch article
252016Teisininkų etika [elektroninis išteklius] : nuo status quo pavyzdinio modelio link : kolektyvinė monografijaGruodytė, Edita; Berkmanas, Tomas; Kiršienė, Julija; Kirchner, Stefan; Gervienė, Silvija; Szymanski, Charles F; Žižienė, Simona; Veršinskas, Tomas; Malinauskas, Vygantasbook
262013Markets and politics : the regulation of the right to strike in the United States and PolandSzymanski, Charles F; Antolak, Katarzynaresearch article
272015Labor law and sustainable developmentSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
282013The constitutional rights of farmworkers and other private sector employees to organize and collectively bargain in the United StatesSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
292014Conciliation of labor disputes – an American perspectiveSzymanski, Charles Fbook part
302013The process for becoming an attorney in the United StatesSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
312011Labor standards as a component of sustainable development in the Arctic : employment rights for indigenous peoples and the application of the principle of non-discriminationSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
322011A case study in subnational constitutionalism : the state constitutional rights of public employees in the United States to collectively bargainSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
332011Discrimination claims on the basis of Polish national origin under American lawSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
342011Introduction to Lithuanian law : [textbook]book
352019Le clausole sociali e la tutela dei diritti dei lavoratori negli accordi di libero scambio: il modello statunitenseSzymanski, Charles Fbook part
362018Collective responses to the new economy in US Labor lawSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
372019Gli approcci alla platform economy nel diritto del lavoro americanoSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
382017Mediacje obowiązkowe a prawo do sądu w Stanach Zjednoczonych: standardy wprowadzania ograniczeń co do postępowań mediacyjnych i implikacje dla Unii EuropejskiejSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
392016Scalia’s shadow: the Friedrichs Case and the fate of the American labor movementSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
402020The role of unions in American labour mediationSzymanski, Charles F; Antolak-Szymanski, Katarzynaresearch article
412018Work in the age of collective platforms: between innovation and traditionDelfino, Massimiliano; Szymanski, Charles Fresearch article
422012Vertybinių nuostatų ugdymo, rengiant teisininkus universitete, galimybėsKiršienė, Julija; Szymanski, Charles Fresearch article
432011A Case study in the globalization of disability rights : the compatibility of Lithuania's process for determining the legal incapacity of disabled persons with international legal standardsSzymanski, Charles F; Bilius, Mindaugasresearch article
442011Права полицейских профсоюзов в США : сравнительный анализSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
452012Best practices in employment discrimination law : the basic legal framework in the United States and how American and European discrimination law may influence one anotherSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
462012The role of legal scholarship in Eastern EuropeSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
472011States of exception when the United Nations acts as a territorial administratorSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
482011Wisdom from the east ... of Europe : innovations and best practices in Polish and Lithuanian labor lawSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
492010The United Nations and states of exceptionSzymanski, Charles Fresearch article
502010Zagadnienia prywatności pracowników w sferze poczty elektronicznej i blogów na gruncie prawa amerykańskiegoSzymanski, Charles F; Banyś, Tomasz A.Jresearch article