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12015IDKM diegimas Lietuvos bendrojo lavinimo mokyklose : atvejo analizėBijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daivaresearch article
22011Blended learning in language classrooms : students’ attitudes and expectationsBijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daivaconference paper
32011IKT panaudojimas integruojant kalbos ir dalyko mokymąBijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daiva; Zutkienė, Lina Danutėconference paper
42004Equivocation and challenge to equivocation in the proceedings of a special parliamentary commission at the Lithuanian ParliamentBijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
52017Use of formative assessment in Artes Liberales principles-based education: empowering language learnersMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilma; Šerniūtė, Jurgitaresearch article
62013Quantitative and qualitative research methods in sociolinguistics : study guide : a resource book for studentsBijeikienė, Vilma; Tamošiūnaitė, Aurelijabook
72013Tarpkultūrinė komunikacija IDKM [elektroninis išteklius] : mokomoji medžiaga tarpkultūrinės komunikacijos plėtojimui integruojant dalyko ir kalbos mokymąbook
82013Kalbos ir dalyko sinergija [elektroninis išteklius] : scenarijai ir interaktyvios užduotys praktiniam ir tęstiniam IDUKM taikymuibook
92018Fostering active learner engagement in ESP classesMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
102007Gender in Political Discourse : indirectness in the British Parliamentary DebatesBijeikienė, Vilmabook
112009ICT in foreign language learning and teaching : attitudes and practicesBijeikienė, Vilma; Linkevičiūtė, Eglė; Pundziuvienė, Daivaresearch article
122018Students’ attitudes towards active learner engagement in ESP classesBijeikienė, Vilma; Mačianskienė, Nemiraconference paper
132019Demands for communicative competence development among Lithuanian teachers of secondary educationMeškauskienė, Almantė; Pundziuvienė, Daiva; Bijeikienė, Vilmaconference paper
142007Gender-related linguistic stereotypes in Lithuanian parliamentary discourseBijeikienė, Vilma; Utka, Andriusresearch article
152010Gender in parliamentary discourse : the case of interrogative assertionsBijeikienė, Vilmaconference paper
162010Blended learning in general English : teachers' attitudesBijeikienė, Vilma; Rašinskienė, Svetlana; Zutkienė, Lina Danutėconference paper
172005Gender, power and intertextuality in parliamentary discourseBijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
182017Perspectives in legal English in-service education: needs analysis in Lithuanian contextBartnikaitė, Edita; Bijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
192013Metaphor and metonymy in English for Politics (ESP) course : students’ representations and practicesBijeikienė, Vilma; Meškauskienė, Almantėresearch article
202012IKT panaudojimas integruojant kalbos ir dalyko mokymąBijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daiva; Zutkienė, Lina Danutėresearch article
212016Lithuanian political discourse: expression of agency and responsibilityBijeikienė, Vilma; Mačianskienė, Nemiraresearch article
222012DISCO II translation tool as a means for defining occupational learning outcomesBijeikienė, Vilma; Mačianskienė, Nemiraconference paper
232019Metacognitive awareness as the basis of learner formative assessment in developing plurilingual competence in higher educationMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
242018Application of formative assessment for the enhanced foreign language learningMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
252012Užsienio kalbos ir dalyko sinergija: dalyko mokytojų bendrosios užsienio kalbos pasiekimų analizėBijeikienė, Vilma; Knyza, Rasa Monika; Pundziuvienė, Daivaconference paper
262013Redaktoriaus žodisBijeikienė, Vilmajournal article
272006Gender-specific Features in Lithuanian Parliamentary Discourse : An Interdisciplinary Sociolinguistic and Corpus-based StudyBijeikienė, Vilma; Utka, Andriusresearch article
282011How equivocation depends on the way questions are asked : a study in Lithuanian political discourseBijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
292013Meeting the challenges of International University: IntUniMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daivaconference paper
302013IDKM diegimas Lietuvos bendrojo lavinimo mokyklose : atvejo analizėBijeikienė, Vilma; Mačianskienė, Nemiraconference paper
312013Daugiakalbystės kompetencijos tobulinimo tyrimaiMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daivaresearch article
322008Užsienio kalbų kompetencijų, įgytų savaiminiu ir neformaliuoju būdu, vertinimo aktualijosLinkevičiūtė, Eglė; Pundziuvienė, Daiva; Bijeikienė, Vilma; Tuomaitė, Virginijaresearch article
332015EditorialBijeikienė, Vilmajournal article
342010Interactive english course for Intermediate level [elektroninis išteklius] : Mokymo priemonė (CD)Labokaitė, Aušra; Pundziuvienė, Daiva; Linkevičiūtė, Eglė; Liatukaitė, Janina; Matulionienė, Jūratė; Knyza, Rasa Monika; Bijeikienė, Vilmabook
352008Critical discourse analysis : an overview and appraisalBijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
362013Extracurricular language and culture promotion events as informal language learning settingsMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilmaresearch article
372020Development of plurilingual competences in Lithuanian general educationBijeikienė, Vilma; Meškauskienė, Almantėresearch article
382011Teachers’ attitudes towards the use of blended learning in general English classroomBijeikienė, Vilma; Rašinskienė, Svetlana; Zutkienė, Lina Danutėresearch article
392020The value of plurilingualism or what factors affect the development of plurilingual competencesBijeikienė, Vilma; Meškauskienė, Almantėresearch article
402014IntlUni - Erasmus academic networks : aims, objectives and outcomes in meeting the challenges of the multilingual and multicultural learning spaceMačianskienė, Nemira; Bijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daivaconference paper
412014Akademinės anglų kalbos turinio integravimas į universitetines studijas : dėstytojų požiūrio analizėBijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daiva; Tamašauskaitė, Žiedaconference paper
422014English as a medium of instruction in teaching other languages : attitudes and practicesBijeikienė, Vilma; Pundziuvienė, Daivaresearch article


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