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123-Jul-2020Comparative discourse analysis of Chinese and English academic paper abstractsGaofei, Liubachelor thesis
223-Jun-2020Translation of authorisms in Antanas Škėma's novel "White Shroud"Kupštytė, Deimantėbachelor thesis
323-Jun-2020Representation of Lithuania in Russian news portal "RuBaltic.Ru": a corpus-based analysisMusteikytė, Miglėbachelor thesis
422-Jun-2020A corpus based analysis of hate speech in online comments against the duchess of SussexBliusiūtė, Linabachelor thesis
56-Jun-2018A Comparison of Gender Stereotypes in the Language of American Situational ComediesGlambaitė, Editamaster thesis
623-May-2017Translators' (in)visibility: a genre analysis of translators' prefacesGailiūnaitė, Mildamaster thesis
728-May-2014A comparison of translation of historical terms in museum labels of Vytautas the Great War Museum and The National Museum of LithuaniaSelenytė, Justinamaster thesis
829-May-2013A comparison of economy-related conceptual metaphors in english and lithuanian popular economic discourseZimarina, Elenamaster thesis
926-May-2015An analysis of translation of allusions from Lithuanian into English in poetry and proseŽukowska, Lidiamaster thesis
1024-May-2016Translator’s Personal Style in Translation: a Corpus-Based AnalysisBelazaraitė, Aurelijamaster thesis
1128-May-2014Gender and Sport: An Analysis of Gender Specific Language in Basketball CommentariesKrušinskaitė, Aistėmaster thesis
1221-May-2019Wordplay in hardboiled novels and their Lithuanian translationsLapienis, Daumantasmaster thesis
139-Jun-2020A translation analysis of reporting verbs in Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in WonderlandDirgėlaitė, Agnėmaster thesis
1422-Jun-2020A Linguistic analysis of communication in aviation EnglishBarkauskas, Eimantasbachelor thesis
1519-Jun-2020Analysis of headline translations in tourist brochures from Lithuanian into EnglishBukšnaitis, Emiliebachelor thesis
1626-May-2021Interpreting vague language: a case study of Petras Auštrevičius's speeches in European Parliament debatesVaratinskaitė, Daumantėmaster thesis
1711-Jun-2021Dialect translation from Lithuanian to English: a case study of Žemaitė's short storiesStumbrytė, Linabachelor thesis
1811-Jun-2021An analysis of translation of collocations in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's novel "Good Omens"Steponavičiūtė, Ugnėbachelor thesis
1911-Jun-2021A corpus-based analysis of swear words in spoken British EnglishJankauskaitė, Arvilėbachelor thesis
2011-Jun-2021A comparison of English-Chinese subtitle translation in the film MuLan (2020)Liu, Zeqibachelor thesis
2111-Jun-2021An analysis of semantic prosody of the word "wave": a corpus-based study of online pressKeršulytė, Kornelijabachelor thesis


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