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122-Jun-2020The rhetoric of climate change denial in public discourseDave, Lakshyabachelor thesis
223-Jun-2020Informal language use in soap operas: a corpus-based studyLiang, Xiaobachelor thesis
323-Jun-2020Stereotypes about African Americans on Public MediaRamanauskas, Aivarasbachelor thesis
419-Jun-2020Hate speech on FacebookVasiliauskas, Tomasbachelor thesis
526-May-2015Hedging in British and American spoken academic discourse in relation to gender, academic discipline and level of interactivity: a corpus-based analysisVėžienė, Marijamaster thesis
611-Jan-2018Neapykantos kalbinė raiška internetiniuose komentaruoseJonaitienė, Raimondamaster thesis
713-Jun-2017Standard language ideology and its influence on Lithuanian migrants. Samogitians' attitudes towards their language varietyNugaraitė, Indrėmaster thesis
831-May-2012Homosexual and heterosexual personal advertisements: sexual orientation and gender in relation to language useMakarevičienė, Giedrėmaster thesis
929-May-2013Comparative analysis of English and Lithuanian back-covers and back-cover annotationsMaskoliūnaitė, Andrėmaster thesis
1028-May-2014Genre-specific persuasive strategies: a case study of daily online horoscopesRutkauskienė, Agnėmaster thesis
1128-May-2014Usage variation of politeness markers: a corpus-based study of spoken academic discourseŠeškauskaitė, Linamaster thesis
1231-Jan-2014Mokslo populiarinimo diskursas anglų ir lietuvių kalbomis: multimodalioji analizėRingailienė, Teresėdoctoral thesis
1331-May-2011Analysis of Verb-based Nominals in Translation of the European Union Legislation in ForceStravinskaitė, Linamaster thesis
1426-May-2015Multimodal analysis of British and Lithuanian recipe blogsDamirova, Validamaster thesis
1525-Aug-2015Linguistic landscape in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and EstoniaMarkauskaitė, Ievamaster thesis
1625-Aug-2015Linguistic landscapes: a comparative analysis of urban multilingualism in Tartu, Kaunas and MainzŠulcaitė, Arūnėmaster thesis
1726-May-2015English and Lithuanian theatre reviews: a multimodal genre analysisKrukonytė, Aurelijamaster thesis
181-Jun-2009Terminology and text typology in translation: a case study of food labels and the European Union documentsSlapikevičiūtė, Neringamaster thesis
1929-May-2013Representation of political events in British and American news reports from the perspective of multimodalityKavaliauskaitė, Kristinamaster thesis
2011-Jun-2019Effects of mobility and heritage on lay-perceptions of German dialectsMammitzsch, Annamaster thesis
216-Jun-2016Integration Through Language: Language Ideologies, Integration Policies and Effects on Migrants‘ Intergenerational Language Transmission in GermanyDlubek, Bettinamaster thesis
226-Jun-2016Renaissance of the Samogitian Dialect and the Construction of its Speakers’ (In)authentic IdentitiesSukackė, Vilmamaster thesis
2311-Jun-2019Language-Political Concepts And Practices In German Language PromotionEngels, Farinmaster thesis
2411-Jun-2019Lithuanian English Variety Preferences in Writing: British or AmericanNg, Eugene Shear Kuangmaster thesis
2511-Jun-2019Pee-pee time: reading and interpreting transgressive signs in female and male public restrooms in Vilnius and KaunasKrogh, Severijamaster thesis
263-Jun-2008The use of repetition in the constitution of the United States and its Lithuanian version: a case study of modality and nominal repetitionPetkutė, Rūtamaster thesis
276-Jun-2016Attitudes of Future English Teachers towards the English Language: A Comparative Case Study of Germany and SwedenHornung, Mariamaster thesis
286-Jun-2016Foreigners Living in Mainz: Linguistic Choices and Motivation for Learning GermanLenkutytė, Karolinamaster thesis
2931-Jan-2014Popular Scientific Discourse in English and Lithuanian: A Multimodal PerspectiveRingailienė, Teresėdoctoral thesis
3012-Jun-2019Of Murderers and Saints: Vegan vs. Omnivore Discourses on the WebTraurig, Franziskamaster thesis
3113-Jan-2021COVID-19 diskursas Lietuvos nuomonės formuotojų feisbuko įrašuoseKostakovaitė, Simonamaster thesis
3222-May-2019Political implications of language: terms indicating “Chineseness” in the PRC official rhetoric on TaiwanJanulevičiūtė, Editamaster thesis
339-Jun-2020Nedersaksisch in the Netherlands: Attitudes towards its Recognition as a regional Language and the Impact on Language PrestigeThomas, Katharinamaster thesis
349-Jun-2020English as a Lingua Franca in International Dinner Conversations : Towards Mutual UnderstandingMori, Yasuhiromaster thesis
359-Jun-2020Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Humor in Picture Books for ChildrenZhigailova, Veronikamaster thesis
368-Jun-2021"I can't breathe": a discourse analysis of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in American mediaAdams, Brennamaster thesis
3711-Jun-2021Creativity in aggressive Youtube comments: a focus on political discussionsŠalčiūtė, Martynabachelor thesis
388-Jun-2021The future is caring: discourses on care work at the time of the COVID-19 pandemicMeierhöfer, Melissamaster thesis
3911-Jun-2021Impoliteness strategies: Twitter users’ reactions to Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosisTurčinavičiūtė, Aistėbachelor thesis
4011-Jun-2021Impoliteness strategies in 'Instagram' Comments targeted at U.S. presidential candidatesBurneika, Domantasbachelor thesis
4111-Jun-2021Cyberbullying in far-right YouTube commentsBaltusevicius, Erikasbachelor thesis
4211-Jun-2021Syntactical rhetorical devices in Donald Trumps‘s speech on Covid-19Gao, Zhongyubachelor thesis


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