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12012Coping with the unwanted past in planned socialist towns : Visaginas, Tychy, and Nowa HutaBaločkaitė, Rasaresearch article
22016Factors influencing society’s attitudes towards internal and external EU immigrantsButkus, Mindaugas; Mačiulytė-Šniukienė, Alma; Davidavičienė, Vida; Matuzevičiūtė, Kristinaresearch article
32015Antioxidant properties, phenolic composition and potentiometric sensor array evaluation of commercial and new blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) and bog blueberry (Vaccinium uliginosum) genotypesKraujalytė, Vilma; Venskutonis, Petras Rimantas; Pukalskas, Audrius; Česonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijusresearch article
42012Ultrasonic cavitations research in flowing liquids with low depth of ductVasiljevas, Piotras; Bareikis, Regimantas; Struckas, Arūnas; Yoon, S.-Jresearch article
52016The relationship between economic and carbon footprint changes in EU: the achievements of the EU sustainable consumption and production policy implementationLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Dagiliūtė, Renataresearch article
62017Selective susceptibility to nanosecond pulsed electric field (nsPEF) across different human cell typesGianulis, Elena C; Labib, Chantelle; Saulis, Gintautas; Novickij, Vitalij; Pakhomova, Olga N; Pakhomov, Andrei Gresearch article
72004Homogeneous reversed-phase agarose thermogels for electrochromatographyMaruška, Audrius; Kornyšova, Olgaresearch article
82007Self-influencing synaptic plasticity : recurrent changes of synaptic weights can lead to specific functional propertiesTamošiūnaitė, Minija; Porr, Bernd; Wörgötter, Florentinresearch article
92008Capacity of electrical activity and CK isoenzymes (CKMM, CKMB) to characterize skeletal muscle injuryJaščaninas, Janas; Jaščaninienė, Nijolė; Wojnar, Jozef; Tamulevičius, Nauris; Kemerytė-Riaubienė, Eglėresearch article
102015Pine Timber from Trakai castle as a source of information about past climate in LithuaniaVitas, Adomasresearch article