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116-Jun-2020Perspective of China-Russia strategic partnership in the XXI centuryGurskytė, Vėjūnė Gabijabachelor thesis
216-Jun-2020Inducement beyond China-Africa economic partnership: a case study of China-Nigeria relationsAjayi, Olalekan Adebusuyibachelor thesis
316-Jun-2020Modern threats, modern borders: how the changing face of international terrorism impacts border security?Kannout, Benitabachelor thesis
416-Jun-2020Migration policies of United States towards Guatemala (2000-2019)Medina Paz, Maria Fernandabachelor thesis
516-Jun-2020Crimea issue in Russian public discourseKyžas, Kristupasbachelor thesis
616-Jun-2020Implementation of gender equality: the case of Iceland and LithuaniaKabišaitienė, Linabachelor thesis
716-Jun-2020The impact of the military conflict in Syria on international relations in the Middle EastShpak, Oleksandrabachelor thesis
812-Jan-2021International election observer and electoral credibility/integrity in NigeriaOkoye, Justin Nnamakabachelor thesis
912-Jan-2021European integration in GeorgiaAbuselidze, Ninomaster thesis
1016-Jun-2020Towards the completion of monetary, financial and fiscal unions: the eurozone crisis and beyondSkinkys, Daumantasbachelor thesis
1116-Jun-2020Tackling cyber security threat: efforts of USA and RussiaJuškys, Dominykasbachelor thesis
128-Jun-2021The EU’s Arctic policy: European interests and the Green Deal agendaStrunkeit, Jessicabachelor thesis
138-Jun-2021The problem of corruption within European Integration Path of Ukraine (2013-2020)Zhuchyk, Sofiiabachelor thesis
148-Jun-2021Organized crime, femicide and homicide in Mexico: government’s policies to tackle these issues 2006-2020Makeieva, Alinabachelor thesis
158-Jun-2021The dysfunctions of the United Nations as the leading global governance authority: the difficulties of establishing a peaceful world orderGališanskytė, Neringabachelor thesis
168-Jun-2021Collective identity and independence movements in Europe: the cases of Belgium, Spain and the United KingdomJol, Ivarbachelor thesis
178-Jun-2021Resilience of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: domestic and international interests of participating countriesDevakinivas Venu, Yedhukrishnanbachelor thesis
188-Jun-2021Recent development in far-right ideology in UkraineHordiienko, Kirabachelor thesis
198-Jun-2021Role of nuclear weapons in US and Russian national security strategiesDidenko, Andriusbachelor thesis
208-Jun-2021Women’s rights in conflict zones: the case of YemenKasparaitė, Rimgailėbachelor thesis
218-Jun-2021Political leader’s image in mass media: the President of France Emmanuel Macron and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZelenskyBurlachenko, Valeriiabachelor thesis
228-Jun-2021Azerbaijan foreign policy during Karabakh War in 2020Israfil, Israyilbachelor thesis
238-Jun-2021Hydropolitics of China: Mekong basinAkimova, Svitlanabachelor thesis
248-Jun-2021Collective trauma among IDPs caused by the eviction and inefficient governmental policies: case of 2008 Russo-Georgian warBitchiashvili, Ninobachelor thesis
258-Jun-2021Russian foreign policy toward Georgia (2008-2020)Aghazada, Kananbachelor thesis
268-Jun-2021The failure of the nation and state-building in SyriaPranevičiūtė, Paulinabachelor thesis
278-Jun-2021Lev Gumilev's and Alexander Dugin's Neo-Eurasian movement and it's influence on Russian politicsZhuravlov, Yegorbachelor thesis
288-Jun-2021Social policy for the disabled people in the USSR after World War II until 1985. problems of human rights and ideological expediencyKatkova, Anastassiyabachelor thesis
298-Jun-2021The role of DCFTA in economic and social development in UkraineLisnychuk, Yuliiabachelor thesis


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