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12017The EU English terms including the word “market” and their French and Lithuanian equivalentsSmirnova, Oksana; Rackevičienė, SigitaStraipsnis / Article
22014Formation of constitutional one-word terms in Lithuanian and EnglishRackevičienė, Sigita; Pogožilskaja, LiudmilaStraipsnis / Article
32020Annotating causal discourse markers ‘because’ and ‘so’ for learning English as a foreign languageValūnaitė-Oleškevičienė, Giedrė; Rackevičienė, Sigita; Burkšaitienė, Nijolė; Mockienė, Liudmila; Šliogerienė, Jolita; Gulbinskienė, DaliaStraipsnis / Article
42021Annotation of cybersecurity terminology: methodology, problems and resultsRackevičienė, Sigita; Utka, Andrius; Bielinskienė, Agnė; Rokas, Aivarasconference paper
52021Methodological framework for the development of an English-Lithuanian cybersecurity termbaseRackevičienė, Sigita; Utka, Andrius; Mockienė, Liudmila; Rokas, Aivarasresearch article
62020Automatic extraction of Lithuanian cybersecurity terms using deep learning approachesRokas, Aivaras; Rackevičienė, Sigita; Utka, Andriusresearch article
72021Corpora for bilingual terminology extraction in cybersecurity domainUtka, Andrius; Mockienė, Liudmila; Laurinaitis, Marius; Rackevičienė, Sigita; Rokas, Aivaras; Bielinskienė, Agnėconference paper