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110-Jun-2021Lithuania’s position on the democratization of Belarus - two approaches from the perspective of Lithuania’s national interestsSong, Jiabinbachelor thesis
210-Jun-2021Dynamics of NATO-European union relationship during the presidency of Donald J. TrumpDulko, Mikhailbachelor thesis
310-Jun-2021Russian internal political reflection of NATO-Russia conflict following the annexation of Crimea (2014-2020)Сhumachenko, Vadimbachelor thesis
410-Jun-2021General data protection regulation (GDPR) in European Union: from proposal to implementationBudrytė, Monikabachelor thesis
510-Jun-2021The new rise of the political right in the United States: the case of Donald TrumpBeliūnaitė, Aistėbachelor thesis
610-Jun-2021Freedom of speech in contemporary politics of USA: the role of social mediaDrazdauskaitė, Liepabachelor thesis
710-Jun-2021Implementing the Constitution in practice: the civil rights situation in the People's Republic of China since 1982Jakubavičiūtė, Ievabachelor thesis
810-Jun-2021The European Union’s involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (2014-2019)Halaktionova, Mariiabachelor thesis
910-Jun-2021Political discourse of feminism in mass media: the case study of Kamala Harris as vice president of United States of AmericaJakštaitė, Julijabachelor thesis
1010-Jun-2021Political newcomer’s Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez image In mass media: “CNN” and “ABC NEWS” 2019-2021Janulaitytė, Audronėbachelor thesis
1110-Jun-2021The foreign policy with Russia under high representatives of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini and Joseph BorrellEidukevičius, Mariusbachelor thesis
1210-Jun-2021Gender politics discourse in South Korean social media in the period of 2018-2021Kazlauskaitė, Vainetabachelor thesis
1310-Jun-2021Political climate change discourse in mass media: "CNN" and "New York Times"Kondrotaitė, Kamilėbachelor thesis
1410-Jun-2021Indigenous peoples’ rights protection: the case of PeruKrančiukaitė, Akvilėbachelor thesis
1510-Jun-2021European Green Deal: policy strategies and implementation in 2019-2021Kalasevičiūtė, Gretabachelor thesis
1610-Jun-2021Donald Trump’s rhetoric on "Black Lives Matter" movement discourse in mass media: and cnn.comKaraliūnas, Dainiusbachelor thesis
1710-Jun-2021The democratization of South African State after the acceptance of constitution in 1994Kapralava, Alinabachelor thesis
1810-Jun-2021Ukrainian foreign policy in the context of relations with BelarusKruhovyi, Antonbachelor thesis
1910-Jun-2021The role of natural gas in EU-Ukrainian relations after the 2014 Revolution of DignityLototska, Bohdanabachelor thesis
2010-Jun-2021Comparison of French and Lithuanian European security visions 2017-2020Narsutis, Daumantasbachelor thesis
2110-Jun-2021“Russkiy mir” as a geopolitical concept: its practical application in Russia’s foreign policy (2014-2021)Misiukevich, Tsimafeibachelor thesis
2210-Jun-2021Electoral integrity, its perception and turnout in democracies and autocraciesMalakhouski, Tsimafeibachelor thesis
2310-Jun-2021Comparative analysis of Lithuanian and Ukraine economies after 2014 till 2019Miasnikov, Artiombachelor thesis
2410-Jun-2021Constructing political image of D. Trump and J. Biden on the mass media during 2020 presidential electionsUbartas, Deimantasbachelor thesis
2510-Jun-2021China's rising economic power threat in international relations frameworkVirbalas, Tadasbachelor thesis
2610-Jun-2021Analysis of Ukrainian civil society during the period of 2004-2020Ukrainets, Kristinabachelor thesis


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