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12011Jugendliche mit Diabetes-Erfahrung. Verschiedene Bewältigungsmuster für die durch die Krankheit verursachten HerausforderungenRažanauskaitė, VilmaPart of book (Y); Knygos dalis (Y)
22012Mass media, alternative spaces, and the value of imagination in contemporary EuropeBalčytienė, AuksėPart of book (Y); Knygos dalis (Y)
32007Divergent perceptions of political conflict in LithuaniaJurkynas, Mindaugas; Ramonaitė, AinėKnygos dalis (Y); Part of book (Y)
42016Return migration in Lithuania. Incoming challenges for children's educationRuškus, Jonas; Kuzmickaitė, Daiva KristinaKnygos dalis (Y); Part of book (Y)
52016Lithuania: Children’s maintenance fund in Lithuania: legal and sociological aspects of its activitiesMaslauskaitė, Aušra; Kudinavičiūtė-Michailovienė, IngaKnygos dalis (Y); Part of book (Y)
62012Trials and tribulations of the Lithuanian participation in the NATO ISAF missionRačius, EgdūnasKnygos dalis (Y); Part of book (Y)
72014Inclusion - a moral imperative, but also socially desired? An essay in the ethics of responsibilityGordon, John-Stewart; Burckhart, HolgerPart of book (Y); Knygos dalis (Y)
82014Human dignity, human rights, and global bioethicsGordon, John-StewartPart of book (Y); Knygos dalis (Y)
92012VerslasKiršienė, Julija; Ščerbina-Dalibagienė, SiuzanaKnygos dalis (Y); Part of book (Y)
102012Culture as a guide in theoretical explorations of Baltic mediaBalčytienė, AuksėKnygos dalis (Y); Part of book (Y)