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12018TED-MDB multilingual discourse-annotated corpus for language learning and teachingValūnaitė-Oleškevičienė, Giedrė; Puksas, Andrius; Gulbinskienė, DaliaStraipsnis / Article
22019Student experience on the development of transversal skills in university studiesValūnaitė-Oleškevičienė, Giedrė; Puksas, Andrius; Gulbinskienė, Dalia; Mockienė, LiudmilaStraipsnis / Article
32017Moodle as virtual learning environment in developing language skills, fostering metacognitive awareness and promoting learner autonomyGulbinskienė, Dalia; Masoodi, Marjan; Šliogerienė, Jolitajournal article
42015Language learning motivation of EFL students at LEUGulbinskienė, Dalia; Dubovičienė, TatjanaStraipsnis / Article
52018Cultural and linguistic gaps in cross-cultural translationValūnaitė-Oleškevičienė, Giedrė; Gulbinskienė, Dalia; Drėgvaitė, EglėStraipsnis / Article
62014Intercultural communicative competence (ICC) of EFL students at university levelGulbinskienė, Dalia; Lasauskienė, RūtaStraipsnis / Article
72014Learning / teaching EFL to adult learners at language coursesDubovičienė, Tatjana; Gulbinskienė, DaliaStraipsnis / Article
82018Reflective Practice of In-service Efl Teachers in Estonia and LithuaniaBakradze, Kati; Mazlaveckienė, Gerda; Gulbinskienė, Daliaresearch article
92020Annotating causal discourse markers ‘because’ and ‘so’ for learning English as a foreign languageValūnaitė-Oleškevičienė, Giedrė; Rackevičienė, Sigita; Burkšaitienė, Nijolė; Mockienė, Liudmila; Šliogerienė, Jolita; Gulbinskienė, DaliaStraipsnis / Article