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12014Leadership styles of nurse managers in ethical dilemmas : reasons and consequencesŽydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Suominen, Tarjaresearch article
23-Dec-2007Etinės dilemos administruojant socialines paslaugasDidjurgienė, Sigitamaster thesis
32008Psichologų etikos kodeksai slepia konfidencialumo problemasAukštinaitytė, Rasa; Pauliukevičiūtė, Klaudijaresearch article
42020Code of Ethics as a professional tool in the work of personal assistantsStárek, Lukášjournal article
52015Head nurses’ decision-making when managing ethical dilemmasŽydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Lepaitė, Daiva; Åstedt-Kurki, Päivi; Suominen, Tarjaresearch article
62015Leadership styles in ethical dilemmas : reasons, actions and consequences when head nurses make decisions in ethical dilemmas [Academic dissertation, University of Tampere, School of Health Sciences Finland]Žydžiūnaitė, Vilmabook
72013Leadership styles in ethical dilemmas when head nurses make decisionsŽydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Lepaitė, Daiva; Suominen, Tarjaresearch article
82010Ethical dilemmas concerning decision-making within health care leadership : a systematic literature reviewŽydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Suominen, Tarja; Åstedt-Kurki, Päivi; Lepaitė, Daivaresearch article
92014Hoitotyö jahtajan johtamistyylit eettisten ongelmien ratkaisussaRoss, Mia; Rantanen, Arja; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Suominen, Tarjaresearch article
102011The gap between leadership theory and practice in activities of departments chief-nurses within ethical dilemmas : results of pilotingŽydžiūnaitė, Vilmaresearch article