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127-May-2021Strategic use of soft power: democratic and manipulative controversies in the case of VenezuelaTunyla, Robertamaster thesis
227-May-2021France policies towards former colonies: the case of Vietnam (2016-2021)Kochan, Ilyamaster thesis
327-May-2021Belarusian – Russian integration idea in the official discourse of Aleksandr Lukashenko in 2018-2021Baryshnikov, Georgiimaster thesis
427-May-2021EU sanctions policy towards Belarus and Russia in 2014-2020Žebrauskas, Arnasmaster thesis
527-May-2021China’s ‘war on terror’: analysis of Xinjiang province securitizationVabinskaitė, Kristinamaster thesis
627-May-2021“Twitter” diplomacy and state identity: the case of L. Linkevičius, G. Landsbergis and Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign AffairsVaitkevičiūtė, Ingamaster thesis
727-May-2021The motivations behind joining the Paris Agreement: a case study of five major pollutersSchario, Brett Louisemaster thesis
827-May-2021Multidimensional analysis of contemporary cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine in the context of Russian hybrid aggression (2014-2020)Dubenchuk, Yelyzavetamaster thesis
927-May-2021Content analysis: main directions of Ukrainian foreign politics constructed through speeches of Ukrainian presidents (2014 - now)Luchshev, Kyrylomaster thesis
1027-May-2021Reasons for the emergence of the European Green Deal and the European Climate LawBurba, Rimvydasmaster thesis
1127-May-2021Issue of climate change on the agenda of European Union: political discourse and policy implementationBorysaitė, Karolinamaster thesis


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