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12015Oligarchization, de-Westernization and vulnerability : media between democracy and authoritarianism in Central and Eastern Europe : a roundtable discussionBalčytienė, Auksė; Bajomi-Lázár, Péter; Štětka, Václav; Sükösd, Miklósresearch article
22014The alchemy of Central and East European media transformations : historical pathways, cultures and consequencesBalčytienė, Auksėbook part
32019Lithuania: media-politics interaction shaped by benefts-oriented reasoningBalčytienė, Auksė; Malling, Mildaresearch article
42004Regionų valdymo reformų kryptys Lietuvos respublikojeŽilinskas, Gintarasresearch article
52021The dual role of state capacity in opening sociopolitical orders: assessment of different elements of state capacity in Belarus and UkraineDimitrova, Antoaneta; Mazepus, Honorata; Toshkov, Dimiter; Chulitskaya, Tatsiana; Rabava, Natallia; Ramasheuskaya, Inaresearch article