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12001Development of elements of corporate governance system in Lithuania in the transition periodDarškuvienė, Valdonėresearch article
22020The Lithuanian Credit Union reform evaluationJurkonytė, Edita; Vijūnas, MindaugasStraipsnis / Article
32006The development of banking sector in Lithuania - the importance of credit intermediariesČepinskis, Jonas; Raškinis, Dalius; Ruzgys, Evaldasresearch article
42021Banking security monitoring: development of a methodical support to valuationDiatlova, Yuliia; Yeletskykh, Svitlana; Bykhovchenko, Valentyna; Balabukha, Kateryna; Ovcharenko, Ievgen; Tyshchenko, Volodymyrresearch article
52009The risk in the Lithuanian banking sector in the context of the overheating of the economyLevišauskaitė, Kristina; Kaupelytė, Daliaresearch article
62005Banking consolidation and concentration processes : survey of trends and impactsLevišauskaitė, Kristina; Vasiliauskaitė, Astaresearch article
72013Kredito unijos narių finansinė elgsena atsižvelgiant į jų asmenines savybesRačkauskas, Mantautas; Liesionis, Vytautasresearch article
820-May-2019Impact of trade openness on small countries banking sector development in the context of institutional qualitySajekas, Viliusmaster thesis
92017Revenue and Cost Efficiency of Banking Sectors in The European Union Countries: Do They Depend on Size, Location or Crisis Period?Gavurova, Beata; Belas, Jaroslav; Kocisova, Kristina; Dapkus, Rimantas; Bartkutė, Rasaresearch article