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111-Jun-2021Lexical bundles in news articles about climate Change: a corpus-driven approachBakūnaitė, Sofija Stelabachelor thesis
211-Jun-2021Linking adverbials in popular science articles and scientific articles: a corpus-based analysisKleinaitė, Martinabachelor thesis
310-Jun-2021Memory and narration of traumatic events in Margaret Atwood's novel "Alias Grace"Slyvka, Viktoriiabachelor thesis
410-Jun-2021Analysis of religious references in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s cabin: comparison of the source language text and its translations into LithuanianŠiupšinskaitė, Akvilėbachelor thesis
59-Jun-2021Dvasingumo ir intelektualinės laisvės sampratos Virdžinijos Vulf esė ,,Savas kambarys”Taraškevič, Viktorijabachelor thesis
69-Jun-2021Bendraties ir jų konstrukcijų gretinamoji analizė anglų bei lietuvių kalboseVeličkaitė, Lorabachelor thesis
79-Jun-2021Metaforinė draugystės samprataDirgėlaitė, Gintarėbachelor thesis
810-Jun-2021Norah McClintock teen detectiveYuzhu, Zhangbachelor thesis
910-Jun-2021C.J. Box’s crime novels as variants of contemporary westernsSabašinskaitė, Medabachelor thesis
1010-Jun-2021Representation of individual trauma in Rhidian Brook’s novel The AftermathKiverienė, Gretabachelor thesis
1110-Jun-2021The combination of popular genres in Sharon Bolton's novel Now You See MeKeliauskaitė, Ramunėbachelor thesis
1210-Jun-2021Ian Rankin's Rebus and Lee Child's Reacher as untraditional kinds of crime fiction protagonistsŽilinskas, Justasbachelor thesis
1310-Jun-2021Venice as a geographical and social setting in five of Donna Leon's novelsPurvineckaitė, Robertabachelor thesis
1410-Jun-2021Totalitarian regime and forms of resistance in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novels The Handmaid’s Tale and The TestamentsBudreikaitė, Donatabachelor thesis
1511-Jun-2021Representation of collective trauma in Susan Abulhawa’s novel Mornings in JeninWang, Baogangbachelor thesis
1611-Jun-2021Types of assessment in elt classes in Lithuanian primary schoolsStanevičiūtė, Gabijabachelor thesis
1710-Jun-2021Romance and the construction of gender in Ama Ata Aidoo’s novel Changes: A Love Story (1991)Tervydytė, Aistėbachelor thesis
1811-Jun-2021Creativity in aggressive Youtube comments: a focus on political discussionsŠalčiūtė, Martynabachelor thesis
1911-Jun-2021A comparative corpus-based analysis of linking adverbials in English academic articles written by Lithuanian and Chinese researchersMeng, Yubachelor thesis
2010-Jun-2021Personal identity and psychological issues in Maggie Stiefvater’s Young Adult fantasy novel cycle "The Raven Cycle"Bačėnaitė, Guostėbachelor thesis
2111-Jun-2021Impoliteness strategies: Twitter users’ reactions to Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosisTurčinavičiūtė, Aistėbachelor thesis
2211-Jun-2021Dialect translation from Lithuanian to English: a case study of Žemaitė's short storiesStumbrytė, Linabachelor thesis
2310-Jun-2021The clash of cultures in Elif Shafak's novel Honour (2012)Urniežiūtė, Bertabachelor thesis
2410-Jun-2021Indigenous women and gendered violence in Katherena Vermette's "The Break"Usevičiūtė, Gabijabachelor thesis
2510-Jun-2021Memory sites in Ruta Sepetys novel The Fountains of SilenceŠulinskaitė, Gabrielėbachelor thesis
2611-Jun-2021An analysis of translation of collocations in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's novel "Good Omens"Steponavičiūtė, Ugnėbachelor thesis
2710-Jun-2021Social dysfunction in Wayne Arthurson's crime novels and Tommy Orange's "There There"Dulaitis, Juliusbachelor thesis
2811-Jun-2021Impoliteness strategies in 'Instagram' Comments targeted at U.S. presidential candidatesBurneika, Domantasbachelor thesis
2911-Jun-2021Informal language in TV shows and movies: a corpus-based analysisFokaitė, Gretabachelor thesis
3011-Jun-2021Cyberbullying in far-right YouTube commentsBaltusevicius, Erikasbachelor thesis
3111-Jun-2021A corpus-based analysis of swear words in spoken British EnglishJankauskaitė, Arvilėbachelor thesis
3210-Jun-2021Consumerism and identity in Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho (1991)Gapšys, Gvidasbachelor thesis
3311-Jun-2021Syntactical rhetorical devices in Donald Trumps‘s speech on Covid-19Gao, Zhongyubachelor thesis
3411-Jun-2021Space and existence: existential sentences in EnglishZhilong, Anbachelor thesis
3511-Jun-2021Improving reading skills in selected textbooksMiao, Xianlibachelor thesis
3611-Jun-2021A corpus-driven and corpus-based analysis of collocations in news articles on COVID-19Karalevičiūtė, Gintarėbachelor thesis
3710-Jun-2021Three of Tess Gerritsen's crime novels as versions of medical thrillersMiliutytė, Gerdabachelor thesis
3811-Jun-2021An analysis of the translation of headlines in online news portals from English into LithuanianLiaučys, Rytisbachelor thesis
3910-Jun-2021Cultural dimensions in Adeline Yen Mah's autobiographical novel Chinese CinderellaLenčiauskaitė, Šarūnėbachelor thesis
4011-Jun-2021A comparison of English-Chinese subtitle translation in the film MuLan (2020)Liu, Zeqibachelor thesis
4110-Jun-2021Postcolonialism and identity in Chris Cleave’s novel The Other HandJanonytė, Monikabachelor thesis
4211-Jun-2021An analysis of semantic prosody of the word "wave": a corpus-based study of online pressKeršulytė, Kornelijabachelor thesis
4311-Jun-2021Digital storytelling method for teaching speaking in ELT classes: form 9Sabaliauskaitė, Mildabachelor thesis


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