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12009Teisės aktaiKita / Other
22010Teisės aktaiKita / Other
32011Teisės aktaiKiti / Other
42012Teisės aktaiKita / Other
52013Teisės aktaiStraipsnis / Article
62014Teisės aktaiKita / Other
72009The impact of referendums on the process of European integrationKużelewska, ElżbietaStraipsnis / Article
82011Faith, ethics and religious norms in a globalized environment: freedom of religion as a challenge to the regulation of Islamic finance in EuropeKirchner, StefanStraipsnis / Article
92013The use of alternative measures in the Czech RepublicŠčerba, FilipStraipsnis / Article
102014The freedom of expression of members of the armed forces under the European convention on human rights in Jokšas V. LithuaniaMaria, Vanessa; Kirchner, StefanStraipsnis / Article
112009Problems of the implementation of the principles of legitimate expectations, legal certainty and legal safety in the sphere of higher educationPranevičienė, Birutė; Ruibytė, LaimaStraipsnis / Article
122010Simulated democracy and the free market in RussiaBartnicki, Adam; Stefanowicz, KarolinaStraipsnis / Article
132011Limited engagement of the child in political issues: the right which evolved at the universal level but is still unacknowledged by most regional instrumentsRiekkinen, MariyaStraipsnis / Article
142011The role of Human rights NGO's: Human rights defenders or state sovereignty destroyers?Marcinkutė, LinaStraipsnis / Article
152011"Legislative Inflation" - an analysis of the phenomenon in contemporary legal discourseŠulmane, DaceStraipsnis / Article
162012The European court of Human Rights: bringing together legal systemsCherviatsova, AlinaStraipsnis / Article
172014Unification of judicial practice concerning parental responsibility in the European Union – challenges applying regulation Brussels II BisPranevičienė, KristinaStraipsnis / Article
182009Integration processes and dual citizenshipSinkevičius, VytautasStraipsnis / Article
192011Accessibility of higher education: the right to higher education in comparative approachPūraitė, AurelijaStraipsnis / Article
202012Faculty intellectual property rights in Canadian universitiesKiškis, MindaugasStraipsnis / Article
212012The EU practice of horizontal agreement assessment in accordance with the rule of providing de minimis exemptionPuksas, AndriusStraipsnis / Article
222013“Morals and ethics and law, oh my!” – an historical perspective on the aba model rules of professional conductRendleman, Dennis A.Straipsnis / Article
232009Public participation of children: foundations and a review of Russian legal practices under the convention on the rights of the childRiekkinen, MariyaStraipsnis / Article
242010From "Milligan" to "Boumediene": three models of emergency jurisprudence in the American supreme courtHartz, EmilyStraipsnis / Article
252011The development of European criminal law as a cultural challengeStiebig, VolkerStraipsnis / Article
262011Affective labor and governmental policy: George W. Bush's new freedom commission on mental healthSwenson, KristinStraipsnis / Article
272013The supreme court of Canada and the offender’s right to be transferred to serve his sentence in Canada: interpreting the international transfer of offenders act in light of Canada’s national and international human rights obligationsMujuzi, Jamil DdamuliraStraipsnis / Article
282014Consent to arbitration and the legacy of the Spp v. Egypt casePalevičienė, SolveigaStraipsnis / Article
292009The second dimension of democracy: the people and their constitutionColón-Rios, Joel I.Straipsnis / Article
302012On the potential to apply "De Minimis" exemption for agreements containing hardcore restraints: European Union practicePuksas, AndriusStraipsnis / Article
312012Policyholder obligations after an insured event: are Baltic insurance laws too insurer-friendly compared to the principles of European insurance contract law?Luik, Olavi-JüriStraipsnis / Article
322014Plea bargaining as an example of the recent changes in the finnish criminal procedural paradigmErvo, LauraStraipsnis / Article
332010Human Rights guarantees during states of emergency: the European Convention on Human RightsKirchner, StefanStraipsnis / Article
342012On international transaction law: current trends and challenges from a Latin America perspectiveMunoz, José Gustavo PrietoStraipsnis / Article
352012Scientists of the state, science of the state, and the state: Austrian and German public lawyers in the short 20th century part 1: the age of catastrophe, 1914-1945Puff, RomanStraipsnis / Article
362013Judicial decision-making from an empirical perspectiveTumonis, Vitalius; Šavelskis, Mykolas; Žalytė, IngaStraipsnis / Article
372014Towards an american model of criminal process: the reform of the Polish code of criminal procedureRoclawska, Monika; Bulat, AdamStraipsnis / Article
382010State of exception and judicial powerVaičaitis, VaidotasStraipsnis / Article
392014The company director’s liability for untrue statementsTolstov, Leonid; Lahe, JannoStraipsnis / Article
402014Has the action for failure to act in the European Union lost its purpose?Daukšienė, Inga; Budnikas, ArvydasStraipsnis / Article
412016Aprisoner’s right to be released or placed on parole: a comment on Öcalan v Turkey (No. 2) (18 March 2014)Mujuzi, Jamil DdamuliraStraipsnis / Article
422016EU refugee resettlement: key challenges of expanding the practice into new member statesJakulevičienė, Lyra; Bileišis, MantasStraipsnis / Article
432017The implications of transnational cyber threats in international humanitarian law: analysing the distinction between cybercrime, cyber attack, and cyber warfare in the 21st centuryFaga, Hemen PhilipStraipsnis / Article
442017The protection of legitimate expectations in administrative law: a horizontal perspectiveParchomiuk, JerzyStraipsnis / Article
452017Regulation of unmanned aerial systems and related privacy issues in LithuaniaPūraitė, Aurelija; Bereikienė, Daiva; Šilinskė, NeringaStraipsnis / Article
462015Lessons from the EU-Russia sanctions 2014-2015Veebel, Viljar; Markus, RaulStraipsnis / Article
472015Qualitative alleviation of war reparations in "jus post bellum": analysis of travaux préparatoires of article 16 of the treaty of peace with JapanMinai, KeisukeStraipsnis / Article
482016A critical look at the subjective and objective purposes of contract in Aharon Barak’s theory of InterpretationKaranikić Mirić, MarijaStraipsnis / Article
492017The definition of bullying in compulsory education: from a general to a legal perspectiveMargevičiūtė, AgnėStraipsnis / Article
502017Corporate forms facilitating non-profit networking: formalizing the informalJakulevičienė, Lyra; Valutytė, ReginaStraipsnis / Article