Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai / Management of Organizations: Systematic Research 2011, nr. 59

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    The horizons of coopetition – the analysis of the selected aspects of application
    [Konkurencinis bendradarbiavimas : pritaikymo galimybių analizė]
    research article
    Tomski, Piotr
    Organizacijų vadyba : sisteminiai tyrimai, 2011, nr. 59, p. 131-147
    The study presents the results of investigations concerning recognition of attitudes among future managers towards coopetition. The survey was carried out in the first quarter of the year 2011, covering the students of the Faculty of Management at Częstochowa University of Technology. The research tool used for the investigations was a questionnaire.
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    Entrepreneurs’ networking for new venture
    [Antreprenerystė tinklaveikoje pradedant naują verslą]
    research article
    Organizacijų vadyba : sisteminiai tyrimai. Kaunas : Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto leidykla, 2011, T. 59, p. 95-113
    This paper investigates entrepreneurs’ networking, especially crucial for new ventures, as network ties can help them to overcome the barriers of newness and smallness. Interpersonal and organizational networks enable entrepreneurs to obtain information, advice, as well as social and financial support from network members, besides they help to fi nd alliance partners.
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    Critical success factors of customer relationship management process adoption in Latvian IT enterprises
    [Kritiniai sėkmės veiksniai įdiegiant ryšių su klientais valdymą Latvijos IT įmonėse]
    research article
    Erglis, Aldis
    Mickevica, Sarmite
    Organizacijų vadyba : sisteminiai tyrimai, 2011, nr. 59, p. 55-67
    The paper provides an overview of CRM and its value as competitive advantage of an enterprise. The authors define models of user behavior during CRM adoption and draw conclusions how to improve this. There is discussed impact of sales, marketing and service process integration in an enterprise.
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    Management training during socio-economical crisis : tool to increase job satisfaction? A case study of a retail store chain in Latvia
    [Ar vadovų mokymai socialinės-ekonominės krizės metu gali sustiprinti pasitenkinimą darbu? Latvijos mažmeninės prekybos tinklo situacijos analizė]
    research article
    Enkuzena, Signe
    Organizacijų vadyba : sisteminiai tyrimai, 2011, nr. 59, p. 35-53
    The paper analyses the training evaluation concept and the practical benefits of the company when evaluating training. Justifying the insufficiency of the traditional training evaluation models for the needs of a modern company, the author of the paper offers to evaluate the training process and training results depending on the training objectives and the stakeholders’ perspective. In the empirical research the evaluation of management training in a large retail store chain in Latvia is performed.
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    Cross-cultural communication challenges of international tourism business environment
    [Tarpkultūrinės komunikacijos problemos tarptautinio turizmo verslo aplinkoje]
    research article
    Lingebērziņš, Ēriks
    Organizacijų vadyba : sisteminiai tyrimai, 2011, nr. 59, p. 69-79
    This paper, based on analytic literature review, identifies contemporary challenges of international tourism, considering the changing international market structure from a perspective of cross-cultural communication. It confirms the importance of cross-cultural communication for contemporary international tourism.
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