Media Transformations / Žiniasklaidos transformacijos

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ISSN 2029-8668

Recenzuojamas žurnalas „Media Transformations – Žiniasklaidos transformacijos“ yra skirtas žiniasklaidos politikos, daugialypės žurnalistikos, politikos ir žurnalistikos tyrimams, Lietuvos ir Europos žiniasklaidos fenomeno lyginamosioms studijoms. Žurnalas registruojamas CrossRef sistemoje ir naudoja plagijavimo prevencijos programą CrossCheck.

"Media Transformations" is a peer reviewed academic journal of communication, media and journalism studies, that focuses on structural changes in the media, the changing role and functions of media in relation to society, and comparative aspects of media’s own multiple and diverse transformations. "Media Transformations" invites papers addressing a wide range of topics related to global and local transformations of media systems and journalism practices, particularly structural and cultural changes in the media, technological diffusion and convergence of media industries, commercialization and homogenization of journalism, changing media values and policies, journalism training and media education, and media and cultural industries. This journal is registered in the CrossRef system and uses plagiarism detection systems CrossCheck.