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  2. Informacija apie Darbai ir dienos / Information about Deeds and Days 2013, nr. 60

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2013Apie Lietuvą ir Lenkiją ginčytinoje lietuvių ir lenkų XX amžiaus vaizduotėjeSvarauskas, ArtūrasStraipsnis / Article
2013Changes in Polish historical memory after 1989 and the image of the inter-war periodBlaszczak, Tomaszresearch article
2013Collective memory : the choices and the nature of representations of the past in Sąjūdžio žinios 1988-1989Venclauskienė, Laimaresearch article
2013Constructing the national past during the Enlightenment : the cases of Lithuania, Belarussia, Ukraine and SlovakiaGlemža, Liudasresearch article
2013Creating national community and history : official speeches on independence day in Belarus (2001-2012)Lastouski, AliakseiStraipsnis / Article
2013The demise of anti-communism and its effects on coming to terms with the communist past in the Czech republicSlabý, AdamStraipsnis / Article
2013The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the historical region : the search for new coordinates in post-Soviet Lithuanian historiographySirutavičius, Mariusresearch article
2013Historical memories of Kosovo serbs in the post-war period and conflicting Serbian national narratives about KosovoTolvaišis, Leonasresearch article
2013History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania : interpretations of the young Belarusians and LithuaniansKamuntavičius, Rūstisresearch article
2013Informacija apie Darbai ir dienos / Deeds and Days 2013, nr. 60Kita / Other
2013Inventing new history for new people : creating the history of the Kaliningrad district after 1992Antanaitis, Kastytisresearch article
2013Istoriko Adolfo Šapokos metodologinės nuostatos korespondencijoje: penki 1934-1959 metų laiškaiSelenis, Valdasresearch article
2013Kalbininko kalbotyra apie nekalbininko kalbotyrą : [recenzija]Petrauskaitė, Rūtareview article
2013Lost in freedom : competing historical grand narratives in post-soviet LithuaniaAleksandravičius, Egidijusresearch article
2013Maxo Schelerio požiūris į pasipiktinimą ir pavydąVareikis, Žilvinasresearch article
2013Multicultural past and present in the cities of Central Europe : the cases of Wrocław/Breslau and L’viv/Lemberg/LwówLagzi, GáborStraipsnis / Article
2013Naujas požiūris į nacionalinius naratyvus bei atminties politikąPetrauskė, Kristinajournal article
2013Nenugalima kalbos trauka : [recenzija]Valančė, Danguolėreview article
2013Nepaprastos istorijosAleksandravičius, EgidijusStraipsnis / Article
2013Pluralities, memories, translations : remarks on European cultures of knowledge in the humanitiesWeidner, DanielStraipsnis / Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 25