Socialinis ugdymas / Social Education 2006, t. 12

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  • research article
    Socialinis ugdymas : mokslo darbai. Vilnius : Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla, 2006, Nr. 1(12), p. 5-6
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    Pilietinės visuomenės ugdymas telkiant bendruomenes
    [The role of local government in developments of civic society]
    research article ;
    Socialinis ugdymas : mokslo darbai. Vilnius : Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla, 2006, Nr. 1(12), p. 7-18
    The authors deal with the problems of socio-cultural activities of the Self Government. The main aim of this article is to scrutinize the socio-cultural activities of the local community as an institution of self-governance as well as to point out the role of a neighborhood in developing civil society. The following research methods were used for achieving the goals: survey, focus groups and observation. The traditions and the contemporary status of self-governance are described in the first part of the article. The roots of self-governance in Lithuania date back to the 13th century. In all stages of Lithuanian history self-governance was an important phenomenon, but during the period of Independent Republic of Lithuania (1918—1940) it played a particularly important role. After restoration of Lithuanian Independence in 1990, when trying to reconstruct the soviet government long-standing traditions of Lithuanian self-governance were not ignored. However, the great social, economic changes, which existed because of the soviet occupation that lasted 50 years, eliminated the possibility of continuity. The second part deals with the idea of socio-cultural activities which are going on in the community and organized by the self-government...
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    Sexual education programs and their application to the spread of destructive social problems in the society
    [Lytinio švietimo programų vaidmuo stabdant socialinių destrukcijų plitimą visuomenėje]
    research article ; ;
    Socialinis ugdymas: mokslo darbai. Vilnius : Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla., 2006, nr. 1, p. 19-37
    The article is dedicated to the educational reality and theoretical urgency of this area. This article broadly analyzes the urgent problem: evaluation of the USA experience of "Comprehensive Sex Education" and other pedagogic (etiologic) approaches are postulated. It is stated that more social control from government and non-government organizations is needed. It is necessary to apply other educational programs orientated towards cultivating high spirituality and chastity at schools. The problem under discussion is presented in wider social economic context (not only Lithuanian). This kind of phenomenon has a tendency to spread out as social tectonic wave, and its neutralization, similar to prevention of terrorism, gains a global character. What is important in education in Lithuania is important to the most of European and other countries as well.
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    Globojanti meilė krikščioniškai auklėjant šeimynos vaikus
    [Caring love in Christian upbringing of foster children]
    research article
    Ratnikaitė, Inesė
    Socialinis ugdymas, 2006, t. 12, p. 38–48
    Šiuo metu Lietuvoje yra apie keturiasdešimt šeimynų, kuriose globojama per 300 vaikų. Krikščioniškas auklėjimas šeimynose yra problematiškas dėl ją sudarančių narių gyvenimiškojo patyrimo. Vaikia į šeimyną ateina skirtingo amžiaus. Dažnai jie jau turi sudžsiformavę tam tikrą elgesio modelį, nuostatas, įpročius, kuriuos nėra lengva pakeiti. Globėjai susiduria su sudėtingomis auklėjimo problemomis. Straipsnyje dėmesys kreipiamas į krikščioniškojo auklėjimo šeimynoje specifiškumą. Krikščioniškas auklėjimas aptariamas pasitelkus tris esminius duodančios meilės aspektus. Tai globojanti, laisvę teikianti, ugdanti meilė, padedanti geriau atskelisti globėjų prisiimtą atsakomybę.
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    Socialinės pedagoginės pagalbos komandos veiklos veiksmingumo sąlygos
    [Conditions for efficient operation of social pedagogical assistance team]
    research article
    Socialinis ugdymas : mokslo darbai. Vilnius : Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla, 2006, Nr. 1(12), p. 49-60
    The challenges of a Post-modern world have a direct impact on the children of Lithuania. The increase of such problems as the under-aged criminality, drug abuse, absenteeism from school, drop outs request the development of the social service system for children and families, to increase the social role of system of education, by planning the directions of social assistance provision at school, forms of its organization, ways and methods. Efficient social assistance organization could only be guaranteed by common work of various specialists, as it requests information, knowledge, skills in a variety of spheres. One of the most important preconditions of the social assistance provision is team-work, as this is the only way to co-ordinate the activities that are carried out by separate specialists, to define the optimal social pedagogical assistance needs, to broaden the inter-institutional collaboration as well as the one inside the sector. The article analyzes the conditions for efficient operation of a social pedagogical assistance team. The results obtained at the survey deal with the impact of the initial conditions for the team work efficiency: the environment of the respondents' organization, the qualification of the team members, potential of leader, the team members motivation, the team members' goals.
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