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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49
2019Polypropylene composites wear resistance properties due to spelt and oat grain husks short fiber preparation technologyBochkov, I.; Varkale, M.; Merijs Meri, R.; Zicans, J.; Franciszczak, P.; Bledzki, A.KStraipsnis / Article
2019Organic modified epoxy resin. Tribologic aspectsChihai, R.; Ungureanu, C.; Cojan, A.; Bîrsan, I.-G.; Cîrciumaru, A.Straipsnis / Article
2019Study the influence of size and shape of silica fillers in polymer composites on the tribolayer formationDmitriev, A.I.; Jim, B.C.; Wetzel, B.Straipsnis / Article
2019Formation of the friction surface of a friction material based on copper depending on the amount of tin under lubrication conditionsIlyushchanka, A.Ph.; Leshok, A.V.; Dyachkova, L.N.; Alekseenko, N.A.Straipsnis / Article
2019Wear behavior of ceramic-metal composites as tool materials for FSW of stainless steelKolnes, M.; Kübarsepp, J.; Sergejev, F.; Kolnes, M.; Tarraste, M.; Mikli, V.Straipsnis / Article
2019Tribological properties of carbon fiber and multi-walled carbon nanotube filled polyamide 66 compositesOzsarikaya, B.; Yetgin, S. H.; Unal, H.Straipsnis / Article
2019Increasing wear resistance of Ti6Al4V alloy by anodic saturation with carbon and nitrogenTambovskiy, I.V.; Kusmanov, S.A.; Korableva, S.S.; Tambovskaya, M.I.; Komissarova, M.R.; Belkin, P.N.Straipsnis / Article
2019Tribological properties of ptfe filled with carbon fibers and solid lubricantVasilev, A.P.; Struchkova, T.S.; Okhlopkova, A.A.; Alekseev, A.G.Straipsnis / Article
2019Short-term and long-term volatilities of films from polyol ester and ether-based oils of various molecular weightsBražinskienė, D.; Bikulčius, G.; Grigucevičienė, A.; Asadauskas, S.Straipsnis / Article
2019Methodology for confirming the safety of operation of the drive box and the central drive of prospective engines, based on tribologyShabalinskaya, L.; Maslov, A.; Milinis, L.; Frolov, D.; Chumak, K.; Ageeva, E.Straipsnis / Article
2019Influence of coupling agent on water-based lubricating properties of konjac glucomannanZhang, Huichen; Ni, TaoStraipsnis / Article
2019Erosive wear of glass/epoxy composites coating filled with hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticlesBagci, M.; Ozcan, F.Straipsnis / Article
2019Experimental tests on large size tiltingpad journal bearings for turbomachineryCiulli, E.; Forte, P.; Nuti, M.Straipsnis / Article
2019Effect of chemical composition and shot peening treatment on Hadfield steel swing hammers exposed to impact wearDelgado, F.; Rodríguez, S.A.; Coronado, J.J.Straipsnis / Article
2019Centering and friction reduction between parts of the cylinder-piston groupKligerman, Y.; Cohen, I.; Shinkarenko, A.Straipsnis / Article
2019Development of conceptions about tribosystems wear in the light of quantum tribologyLyubimov, D.; Patsekha, A.; Patsekha, V.Straipsnis / Article
2019Control processes in mechatronic systems with friction: research and modelingMalafeev, S.I.; Malafeev, S.S.; Kopeykin, A.I.Straipsnis / Article
2019Tribotechnical characteristics of nanostructured coatings formed by Eil methodAuchynnikau, E.; Kazak, N.; Mikhailov, V.; Ivashcu, S.; Shkurpelo, A.Straipsnis / Article
2019Influence of secondary structures formation on tribological properties of aluminum alloys- steel friction pairsMironov, A.; Gershman, I.; Podrabinnik, P.; Kuznetsova, E.Straipsnis / Article
2019A pendulum rig study on airborne transmission and migration of particles from artificial football turfOlofsson, U.; Lyu, Y.Straipsnis / Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49