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2017Tribotechnical characteristics of fluorine-containing coatingsAuchynnikau, Y.; Gubanov, V.; Juciene, M.; Eisymont, Y.Straipsnis / Article
2017The influence of gluconate bath parameters on the rate of electrodeposition and mechanical properties of Co–W coatingsBelevskii, S.S.; Bobanova, J.I.; Buravets, V.A.; Gotelyak, A.V.; Danilchuk, V.V.; Silkin, S.A.; Tsyntsaru, N.I.; Dikusar, A.I.Straipsnis / Article
2017Friction and adhesion of monomolecular coatingsKavaliova, I.N.; Kovalev, E.A.; Grigoriev, A.Ya.Straipsnis / Article
2017Nanostructural separated TiN-based protective coatingsLatushkina, S. D.; Zhizhchenko, A. G.; Posylkina, O.I.Straipsnis / Article
2017Wear resistance of Al–12 wt.% Si reinforced with NbC particles by laser claddingLopes, M.; Ramalho, A.; Anandkumar, R.; Almeida, A.; Vilar, R.; Figueiredo-Pina, C.Straipsnis / Article
2017Tribological behavior of arcing contact materials based on copper infiltrated tungsten compositesLungu, M.V.; Enescu, E.; Lucaci, M.; Cîrstea, C.D.; Grigore, F.; Mitrea, S.; Pătroi, D.; Brătulescu, A.; Marin, M.; Stancu, N.; Godeanu, P.Straipsnis / Article
2017Investigation of the properties of non-tungsten electro-spark coatings on high speed steelPenyashki, T.; Kostadinov, G.; Kandeva, M.Straipsnis / Article
2017Topography, hardness, elastic modulus and wear resistance of nitride coatings on titaniumPohrelyuk, I.M; Padgurskas, Juozas; Lavrys, S.M; Luk’yanenko, A.G; Trush, V.S; Kreivaitis, Raimondasresearch article
2017Wear assessment of stellite coating in several corrosive solutionsRodrigues, I.; Figueiredo-Pina, C.Straipsnis / Article
2017Increase of wear resistance of Сr18Ni10Ti stainless steel by method of electric-spark alloying with electrodes of refractory metals and graphiteAgafii, V.; Mihailov, V.; Kazak, N.; Volodina, G.; Cracan, C.Straipsnis / Article
2017Tribological properties of impregnated gloves for high temperature applicationsBrostow, W.; Hagg Lobland, H.E.; Lohse, S.; Osmanson, A.T.; Ravi, R.; Sayana, S.; Shi, V.; Singh, A.Straipsnis / Article
2017The tribological properties of PTFE modified with chalcopyriteGventsadze, D; Kutelia, E; Nadaraia, L; Padgurskas, Juozas; Gventsadze, L; Tsurtsumia, Oresearch article
2017Tribotechnical parameters of friction between a coated cutting tool and material being machinedVereschaka, A.; Migranov, M.; Oganian, G.; Sotova, E.Straipsnis / Article
2017Tribotechnical characteristics of carbon-bearing lubricantsVoznyakovskii, A.; Voznyakovskii, A.; Auchynnikau, Y.; Liopo, V.; Eisymont, Y.Straipsnis / Article
2017Suitability of basestocks from medium chain fatty acids for hydraulic fluidsLabanauskas, L.; Bražinskienė, D.; Strakšys, A.; Asadauskas, S.Straipsnis / Article
2017The results of friction during current flow in lubricated friction zoneNowiński, E.Straipsnis / Article
2017Optimization of lithium soap-based grease testing methodology based on measurements repeatabilityRadulescu, A.V.; Radulescu, I.Straipsnis / Article
2017Rapeseed oil versus soybean oil – rheological and tribological propertiesRadulescu, I.; Radulescu, A.V.; Georgescu, C.; Deleanu, L.Straipsnis / Article
2017Friction and wear of bulk nanocomposite materials AlMg2/graphiteAborkin, A.; Elkin, A.; Sobolkov, A.Straipsnis / Article
2017Forms of φₓ - sₓ – diagrams of an automobile tireBalakina, E.V.Straipsnis / Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36