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2015Miniaturization of lubricant degradation testing for natural gas enginesBražinskienė, D.; Ručinskienė, A.; Asadauskas, S.Straipsnis / Article
2015Tribotechnical properties of edible vegetable oilsGrigoriev, A.YA; Kavaliova, I.N; Padgurskas, Juozas; Kreivaitis, Raimondasresearch article
2015Optical interferometry measurement of BSA adsorption in hydrodynamic lubricationLi, X.; Guo, F.; Wong, P.L.Straipsnis / Article
2015Evaluation of iron mesoparticles corrosion in oilsIvanova, J.; Melenkova, T.; Cesiulis, H.Straipsnis / Article
2015Research of the influence finely dispersed friction modifiers on the anti-wear properties of grease lubricantsMedvedeva, V.; Skotnikova, M.; Krylov, N.; Breki, A.Straipsnis / Article
2015Particularities of the pseudo-plastic lubrication, with application to the sinovial liquidRadulescu, I.; Radulescu, A. V.; Javorova, J.Straipsnis / Article
2015Base oils bases synthesized using technologies of recycling waste products of thermoplasticsMandziuk, I.; Prisyazhna, K.Straipsnis / Article
2015Enzymatic synthesis of a-propylene glycol with (9z)-octadecenoic acid by lipolytic enzymeGumbytė, Milda; Kreivaitis, Raimondas; Baležentis, Tomasresearch article
2015Evaluation of corrosiveness of alkoxymethylimidazolium ionic liquidsKaldonski, T. J.; Pakowski, Cz.Straipsnis / Article
2015Effect of bulk current density on tribological properties of Fe-W, Co-W and Ni-W coatingsSilkin, S.A; Gotelyak, A.V; Tsyntsaru, N; Dikusar, A.I; Kreivaitis, Raimondas; Padgurskas, Juozasresearch article
2015Tribological properties of (EN AW-AlCu4MgSi(A)) aluminium alloy surface layer after ball burnishingBrostow, W.; Cygan, S.; Czechowski, K.; Kalisz, J.; Laszkiewicz-Łukasik, J.; Łętocha, A.Straipsnis / Article
2015Tribological properties of sputter deposited carbon-copper composite filmsLeitans, A.; Bulaha, N.; Lungevics, J.Straipsnis / Article
2015Comparing surface roughness and texture conceptsGrigoriev, A.Ya.; Myshkin, N.K.Straipsnis / Article
2015Increasing wear resistance of 30x13 stainless steel by electrospark alloyingAgafii, V.I; Padgurskas, Juozas; Michailov, V; Andriušis, Albinas; Kreivaitis, Raimondas; Ianachevici, Vresearch article
2015Tribological behaviour of Co-W under dry and lubricanting conditionsTsyntsaru, N.Straipsnis / Article
2015Tribological properties of duplex layers produced by vacuum titanizing process combined with the electrolytic deposition of cobalt alloyKasprzycka, E.; Bogdanski, B.Straipsnis / Article
2015A review of the method of dimensionality reduction in contact mechanics: applications for structural damping, wear and adhesionPopov, V.L.; Heß, M.; Popov, M.Straipsnis / Article
2015Theoretical calculus model for the finite length Rayleigh step bearings lubricated with greasesRadulescu, A. V.Straipsnis / Article
2015The effective role played by graphene fillers for improving the tribological properties of ceramicsBelmonte, M.; Llorente, J.; Osendi, M. I.; Miranzo, P.Straipsnis / Article
2015The tribodiagnostics of the technical condition of the helicopter main reduction gearShabalinskaia, L. A.; Golovanov, V. V.; Bubnova, E. S.; Milinis, L. V.Straipsnis / Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32