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    Legenzova, Renata
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    Kiršienė, Julija
    Finished her bachelor studies of economics at the VMU Faculty of Economics in 1996 and master studies of law at the VMU Institute of Law in 1999. In 1999–2003, Julija Kiršienė pursued a doctoral degree at the Dept. of Civil Law in Mykolas Romeris University and earned the degree of Doctor of Law after defending her dissertation in 2003. In 2003-2007, Julija Kiršienė worked as lecturer and Assoc. Professor at the Dept. of Civil Law in Mykolas Romeris University. Since 2008, she has been working at the VMU Dept. of Private Law in the Faculty of Law, first as Assoc. Professor, later (from 2010) as Professor. Prof. J.Kiršienė has also worked as Vice-Dean of Faculty of Law (in 2008), since 2008 she has been the Dean of the faculty and member of VMU Senate. Research interests: contract law, delict law, legal aspects. Prof. J.Kiršienė has published over 40 scientific publications. She is co-author of several textbooks, and member of editorial boards of two internationally recognised scientific journals. Prof. J.Kiršienė takes part in international scientific research projects and conducts applied research in Lithuania.
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    Ivanovas, Bernaras
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    Galkienė, Alvyra
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    Švarplys, Andrius
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    Monkevičienė, Ona
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    Slavinskas, Stasys
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    Dėdelė, Audrius
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