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Jefanova, Olga
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12014The spread of 137Cs in terrestrial ecosystems of the Ignalina NPP and other Lithuanian regionsJefanova, Olga; Marčiulionienė, Elena Danutė; Lukšienė, Benediktaresearch article
22016The assessment of ionising radiation impact on the cooling pond freshwater ecosystem non-human biota from the Ignalina NPP operation beginning to shut down and initial decommissioningMažeika, Jonas; Marčiulionienė, Elena Danutė; Nedveckaitė, Tatjana; Jefanova, Olgaresearch article
32015Accumulation and translocation peculiarities of 137Cs and 40K in the soil - plant systemMarčiulionienė, Elena Danutė; Lukšienė, Benedikta; Jefanova, Olgaresearch article