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Rauduvaitė, Asta
Main Affiliation
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Research Interests
Muzikos mokytojų rengimas, bendrasis muzikinis ugdymas / Music teacher education, general music education
Darbuotojas / Employee
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Asta Rauduvaitė graduated from choir conductor studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1988. In 2001–2006 she pursued a doctoral degree in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and was conferred a doctoral degree in Social Sciences (Educational Science, 07 S). In 1994-2018 Asta Rauduvaitė worked at the Department of Music in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. In 2009-2018, she worked as Head of Music Department in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Since 2018, she has been working as Acting Professor at Education Academy of Vytautas Magnus University Research interests: music teacher education, general music education. Prof. Asta Rauduvaitė has published over 60 scientific publications. She is the author and a co-author of several textbooks, and a member of editorial boards of internationally acknowledged scientific periodicals. The professor has been a member of numerous scientific councils of doctoral defence. Prof. Asta Rauduvaitė has been taking an active part in international scientific research projects and conducting scientific research in Lithuania.
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