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Gurskienė, Virginija
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12015Agricultural land use in LithuaniaAleknavičius, Audrius; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
22014Alfonsui Darbutui – 60Gurskienė, Virginijajournal article
32015Algirdas Antanavičius (1940-2015)Gurskienė, Virginijajournal article
42017The analysis of cracks in beams of quay No. 80a at Klaipeda passenger and cargo terminalŠadzevičius, Raimondas; Gurskis, Vincas; Sankauskienė, Tatjana; Damulevičius, Vitas; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
52002Analysis of Farming Conditions in Central LithuaniaGurskienė, Virginija; Makauskas, Justinasresearch article
62002The Analysis of Land Use and its Market Price in AlytusMatonienė, Daiva; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
72002Analysis of the farming conditions and productivity of agricultural plants of farms in central LithuaniaGurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
82016The analysis of the land use of the homesteads of former manorsGurskienė, Virginija; Čirvinskienė, Aida; Parsova, Veltaresearch article
92005Analysis on the preservation and restoration of the land-ownerships of the estatesAleknavičius, Audrius; Aleknavičius, Pranas; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
102005Analysis on the use of the land-ownerships of the estatesAtkocevičienė, Virginija; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
112015Antanui Mikniui – 80Gurskienė, Virginijajournal article
122018Application of remote-sensing technologies for determination of types of land useParsova, Velta; Celms, Armands; Gurskienė, Virginija; Jurgenson, Evelinresearch article
132014Approaches of consolidation of land properties in rural area of LatviaJankava, Anda; Parsova, Velta; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
142004Aspects of Legal Regulation of Land Use for Agricultural PurposesAleknavičius, Pranas; Gurskienė, Virginija; Miknius, Antanasresearch article
152018Assessment of abandoned, unused industrial agricultural buildingsMatakaitė, Julija; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article
162011Assessment on the condition of forts and territories of Kaunas fortressGurskienė, Virginija; Ragauskaitė, Indrėresearch article
172008"Baltijos šalių žemėtvarka - 2008"Gurskienė, Virginijajournal article
182015Bendradarbiaujame su kolegomis iš UkrainosAleknavičius, Audrius; Gurskienė, Virginijajournal article
192004Birutei Kavaliauskienei - 60Gurskienė, Virginija; Miknius, Antanasjournal article
202018Development of the land-use system on agricultural landZhildikbaeva, A; Pentaev, T; Gurskienė, Virginijaresearch article