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12013Использование статистических закономерностей для формирования госзаказа подготовки специалистов в университетах Литвы = Use of statistical regularities for formation of the state order of training of specialists at universities of LithuaniaJanuškevičius, Romanas; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
22013Estimation of parameters of finite population L-statisticsPumputis, Dalius; Čiginas, Andriusresearch article
32013Apie tyrimus baigtinių populiacijų statistikos srityjePumputis, Daliusresearch article
42013Statistinių duomenų analizės taikymas valstybiniam mokytojų rengimo užsakymui formuotiJanuškevičius, Romanas; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
52011Statistinių metodų taikymo edukologiniuose tyrimuose klaidosJanuškevičius, Romanas; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
62011Estimation of quadratic finite population functions using calibrationPumputis, Dalius; Čiginas, Andriusresearch article
72011Apie mokslą, studijas universitete ir karjerąJanuškevičius, Romanas; Pumputis, Daliusjournal article
82009On the use of several weight systems for estimation of finite population covariancePumputis, Daliusresearch article
92014A note on the upper bound to variance of the sample extreme from a finite populationČiginas, Andrius; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
102010Estimation of finite population ratio using calibration of strata weightsBartkus, Ignas; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
112010Estimation of the finite population covariance using calibrationPlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
122015Gini’s mean difference and variance as measures of finite populations scalesČiginas, Andrius; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
132015Statistical survey: the proportion of students willing to become teachers of mathematicsJanuškevičius, Romanas; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
142005Calibrated estimators under different distance measuresPumputis, Daliusconference paper
152006Calibrated estimators of finite population covariancePlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
162005Composite estimators for the sample and frame changing pointsPlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusconference paper
172004Calibrated estimators of totals under different distance measuresPlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
182007Estimation of variance for the calibrated estimators of the finite population covarianceKrapavickaitė, Danutė; Plikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusconference paper
192007Stratification of populations with skewed distributionPumputis, Daliusresearch article
202007Estimation of the finite population covariancePlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article