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Budreikaitė, Neringa
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(Conference Thesis)

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12018The role of protein corona and ion dissociation in cytotoxicity mechanism of zinc oxide nanoparticlesŽūkienė, Rasa; Budreikaitė, Neringaconference paper
22018The investigation of protein corona of zinc oxide nanoparticles and zinc ions release impact on CHO cellBudreikaitė, Neringa; Žūkienė, Rasa; Grudzinskaitė, Gabija; Palubinskaitė, Simonaconference paper
32017The effect of protein corona of Zinc oxide nanoparticles on CHO cells plasma membrane permeability and mitochondrial membrane potentialBudreikaitė, Neringa; Žūkienė, Rasaconference paper