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Oberemko, Alona
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12019Physicochemical and in vitro cytotoxic properties of chitosan from mushroom species (Boletus bovinus and Laccaria laccata)Oberemko, Alona; Salaberria, Asier M; Saulė, Rita; Saulis, Gintautas; Kaya, Murat; Labidi, Jalel; Baublys, Vykintasresearch article
22019In vitro cytotoxicity studies of industrial Eucalyptus kraft lignins on mouse hepatoma, melanoma and Chinese hamster ovary cellsGordobil, Oihana; Oberemko, Alona; Saulis, Gintautas; Baublys, Vykintas; Labidi, Jalelresearch article