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12013The importance of value-oriented context in the e-learning contentDaukilas, Sigitas; Kasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
22017Stroking the net whale: a constructivist grounded theory of self-regulated learning in virtual social spacesKasperiūnienė, Judita; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Eriksson, Malinresearch article
32014Work status and immersive presence in participatory virtual communityKasperiūnienė, Judita; Daukilas, Sigitasresearch article
42014Žemės ūkio specialybių studentų atsakomybė už mokymosi rezultatusSankauskienė, Tatjana; Kasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
52019Nuclear media discourses after the closure of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: is the game over?Mažeikienė, Natalija; Kasperiūnienė, Judita; Tandzegolskienė, Ilonaresearch article
62018Maintaining academic connection for collective creativity: a grounded theory of university teacher’s professional behavior in social mediaKasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
72018Glocalizing identities: grounded theory of networked scholarKasperiūnienė, Judita; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilma; Salvini, Andrearesearch article
82018The identity of young digital game-based learner: a review of recent researchKasperiūnienė, Judita; Ilodigwe, Uresearch article
92015Convergence of the virtual and the living realities : a constructivist grounded theory on university students’ self-regulated learningKasperiūnienė, Judita; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilmaresearch article
102020Smart learning environments in a contemporary museum: a case studyTandzegolskienė, Ilona; Kasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
112016Affective engagement to virtual and live lecturesKasperiūnienė, Judita; Jariwala, Meet; Vaškevičius, Egidijus; Šatkauskas, Sauliusresearch article
122012Learning 2.0 and new challenges for Lithuanian educational communityKasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
132019A Systematic literature review on professional identity construction in social mediaKasperiūnienė, Judita; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilmaresearch article
142018Questioning social media for vocational training: the voices of teachersKasperiūnienė, Judita; Daukilas, Sigitasresearch article
152012Virtualios mokymosi aplinkos „Moodle“ naudojimo patirtis „Kompiuterinės grafikos“ dalyko studijoseSankauskienė, Tatjana; Kasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
162012Mišraus mokymosi metodo diegimas inžinerinių specialybių studentų rengimui – ASU atvejisSankauskienė, Tatjana; Kasperiūnienė, Juditaresearch article
172021Framing nuclearity: online media discourses in LithuaniaMažeikienė, Natalija; Kasperiūnienė, Judita; Tandzegolskienė, Ilonaresearch article
182020Automatic content analysis of social media short texts: scoping review of methods and toolsKasperiūnienė, Judita; Briedienė, Monika; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilmaresearch article
192017Smart educational technology in the learning process at a rural vocational training institution - a case studyKasperiūnienė, Judita; Daukilas, Sigitasresearch article
202010E. mokymasis Lietuvoje. Prielaidos ir iniciatyvosKasperiūnienė, Judita; Rutkauskienė, Danguolėresearch article