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1201250 voices of disbelief. Why we are atheists? : [review]Gordon, John-Stewartreview article
22008AbortionGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
32013Ancient ethics and modern moralityGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
42011Applying the four-principle approachGordon, John-Stewart; Rauprich, Oliver; Vollmann, Jochenresearch article
52020Are snapshots art? On the nature of digital photographyGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
62020Artificial moral and legal personhoodGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
72012BioethicsGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
82020Building moral robots: ethical pitfalls and challengesGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
92017EinleitungNielsen-Sikora, Jürgen; Gordon, John-Stewartjournal article
102018The ethics of ageingGordon, John-Stewartjournal article
112011Global ethics and principlismGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
122017Hans Jonas' philosophische Denkwege - Ein SchlusswortGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
132008Hedonistic utilitarianism and the argument of the experience machineGordon, John-Stewartreview article
142016Human rightsGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
152015Human rights and cultural identityGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
162021Human rights for robots? A literature reviewGordon, John-Stewart; Pasvenskienė, Aušrinėresearch article
172012Human rights in bioethics – theoretical and appliedGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
182018Indignity and old ageGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
192011International conference: Justice in modern health care. Perspectives for the 21st century, hosted by the BMBF-Junior Research Group “Justice in Modern Medicine”Gordon, John-Stewartjournal article
202009IntroductionGordon, John-Stewart; Kohnen, Tanjajournal article