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Šveikauskaitė, Irma
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12017Chilling and forcing requirements to budburst for early and late – flushing tree speciesŽemaitė, Irmaresearch article
22016Response of deciduous trees spring phenology to recent and projected climate change in Central LithuaniaJuknys, Romualdas; Kanapickas, Arvydas; Šveikauskaitė, Irma; Sujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
32018Does butt rot affect the crown condition of Norway spruce trees?Žemaitis, Povilas; Žemaitė, Irmaresearch article
42014Effects of climate warming on timing of native and non-native tree species phenologySujetovienė, Gintarė; Šveikauskaitė, Irmaresearch article
52018How training citizen scientists affects the accuracy and precision of phenological dataFeldman, Richard E; Žemaitė, Irma; Miller-Rushing, Abraham Jresearch article
62017E-waste: generation, collection, awarenessDagiliūtė, Renata; Zabulionis, Deividas; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Žaltauskaitė, Jūratė; Žemaitė, Irmaresearch article
72012Changes in phenology of Fagus sylvatica L. as related to climate changeŠveikauskaitė, Irma; Sujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
82012Comparison of climate warming induced changes in silver birch (Betula pendula roth) and lime (Tilia cordata mill.) phenologyJuknys, Romualdas; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Žeimavičius, Kęstutis; Šveikauskaitė, Irmaresearch article