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Martinavičius, Andrius
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12007Effects of carbon readsorption on tungsten under high-flux, low-energy Ar ion irradiation at elevated temperaturePranevičius, Liudvikas; Pranevičius, Liudas; Templier, Claude; Bobrovaitė, Birutė; Martinavičius, Andriusresearch article
22008Patterning of magnetic structures on austenitic stainless steel by local ion beam nitridingMenéndez, E; Martinavičius, Andrius; Liedke, M. O; Abrasonis, Gintautas; Fassbender, J; Sommerlatte, J; Nielsch, K; Suriñach, S; Baróa, M. D; Nogués, J; Sort, Jresearch article
32009Studies of carbon behavior in tungsten under carbon and hydrogen mixed irradiationPranevičius, Liudvikas; Pranevičius, Liudas; Martinavičius, Andrius; Kanapickas, Arvydas; Templier, Clauderesearch article