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Bačianskas, Alius
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12010Carbon distribution in Mg films irradiated by plasma in C2H2 gaseBačianskas, Alius; Pranevičius, Liudas L; Milčius, Dariusresearch article
22009Fabrication of hydrogen separation membrnes by grain boundary engineeringBačianskas, Aliusresearch article
32010Hydrogen transport driven by surface instabilities under plasma immersion ion implantationBačianskas, Alius; Pranevičius, Liudas Lresearch article
42010Oxygen and carbon impurity effects on hydrogen storage properties of MgNi alloy filmsPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Lelis, Martynas; Wirth, Emmanuel; Bačianskas, Aliusresearch article
52009Plasma activated hydrogen permeation through thin metal membranesBačianskas, Aliusresearch article
62009Structure transformations and hydrogen storage properties of co-sputtered MgNi filmsPranevičius, Liudvikas; Wirth, Emmanuel; Milčius, Darius; Lelis, Martynas; Pranevičius, Liudas; Bačianskas, Aliusresearch article